Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're in Czech!

Ahoy (Hi) Everyone!! We made it...! After several hours spent on flights Monday and Tuesday, we have arrived to our final destination ~ Pardubice in Czech Republic! I'm happy to say that all went well. Our biggest concern for this trip was our German Shepherd, Shadow. She was such a great girl and did amazing. So let me take you along the "flight" part of our travel to Cz.

Below, we have our luggage for the entire hockey season. Yes, 8ish months worth of our stuff! Two hockey bags, two large suitcases, two small carry-ons, two laptop bags, hockey sticks and OH... in that pink Victory Secret bag (if you can see it) I put all our fav snacks ;) Lastly, we can't forget Shadow's kennel!

Adam and Shadow at the airport.

The doggy rest area at the airport.

Shadow (a.k.a. "princess") didn't like the above enclosed potty room so the hubs found a trail and took her for a jog where she relieved herself. We were happy cuz this flight was gonna be a lonnnng one.

With an hour and a half before departure, we rushed her back up to the dog boarding area where Adam put her in her kennel.

Adam securing Shadow's door while the agent watched his every move.

She knows something is going on but at the same time was quite relaxed.

We took her collar off for the flight so Shadow would be comfortable and the kennel's use and care guide also recommended it. Adam is attaching it to her door so when the vet in Germany takes a look at her, he can remove it at that point. This was all premeditated in our heads... No instructions came along with flying our dog across to Europe haha!

One last look at our girl before they take her away to board the plan. She seemed comfy :)

Our plane! Each passenger had their own little tv on this flight so I watched "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus. It was good but it took everything for me not to shed a tear.

Finally.... A couple shot :) We're ready to fly half way across the world! We were also excited cuz the flight attendant had confirmed they had boarded Shadow :)

The meal was ok. The hubs had beef with veggies and I had a left over pasta plate from first class lol!! You know airline food isn't the greatest - stale bread, stale brownie and lukewarm noodles ha! Thank goodness for the Victory Secret bag full of treats ;)

Here, we are about to board the second leg of our trip.
As we waited to go up the stairs, I saw our luggage! Yeah!!! I knew our stuff had made it. We got another confirmation that Shadow was about to get on this plane. They also told us that all had gone well at the Germany Animal Lounge during the 5 hour layover.

Hurray!! The captain announced that we were starting our decent into Prague =)

A few shots of Prague.


The Conway's said...

So glad you made it safe and sound!! Can't wait to hear all about the adventures you two (+Shadow) will have :)

Practically Perfect... said...

Yay - glad you've arrived safely! That is so nice that they kept you updated on your doggy (and I love the doggy lounge at the airport, haha!)


i'm so happy that you made it all right! i had been thinking about yall and how Shadow would do!!!

Monique said...

We have plenty to talk about..haha! Thank you, Shadow did so well on the flight over here. She is the one that is probably the most jet lagged!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay!! Glad that all three of you made it safe and sound!