Friday, July 31, 2009


Today marks our first wedding anniversary... YAY!!!!!! No more of those silly month-a-versaries... we've gone big-time now! Haha. It was the perfect way to put a cap on our very first year together as a little family, and as I held my husband's hand and stared out at the lake, I couldn't help but be a little reflective and reminiscent. What a great year we've had... we've grown so much, both individually and together. And we've had so much fun ♡

I don't want to overstep the cheesy line once again, going on and on and on about how much I love my husband and stuff, but I would like to say a few things on this significant little occasion... ☺ The road that has led me to this 1st anniversary has been a good little road. I think back to my mid-twenties to early thirties and what a unique season that was. So full of challenges, growth, and the chance to throw myself into all the good things in my life in a season that didn't include a serious relationship, leaving my job and moving. And that season had other purposes! And I'm so glad I didn't miss them, and miss out on what God had for me in that time. It was truly a pivotal time for me to become me. And then my little road turned and twisted, and into my life came Adam. 

In reflecting on our first year together, I have to say that I can't imagine anyone being better at loving me. I hope the same could be said for how I love him. I just look at all the ways he loves and shows unending grace and understanding, and gives and compromises without strings attached... man, it humbles me constantly. I am so blessed to be married to this amazing man. I love how he challenges me, and I feel like the truest version of me... the best version of me... when I am with him. Flaws and all... how great is that!? That's the stuff! I love how hard he makes me laugh... so hard that I've developed certain laughs that I'd never heard before he came along... he mimics them and knows them, and even though he's poking fun, I've never felt more loved and accepted. He is the perfect man for me. As we navigate through life, and love and play and learn to compromise and put each other first.  I pray that we continue to grow and strengthen this good thing we've got going. Thank you all who've walked this path with us and as we've merged our little stories into a brand new one. We are excited for year two... and continue to be so darn excited that we get to walk through life together!!! I am still waking up pinching myself... 

And that is really just the beginning of our story!

I can't wait to see what the rest of the story will be...

Thank you for being the amazing husband that you are!

Happy Anniversary Adam - I love you ♥

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Week ~ Rings, shoes & songs...

One of my favorite pic!! We had given our wedding coordinator a CD with all our favorite songs.  As we were smiling for the camera, I got wrapped up listening to the words of "Making Memories of Us" and got a little emotional :) Thankfully, I had Adam's collar to help wipe the tears away LOL!

Our wedding songs:
Making memories of us - Keith Urban
My wish - Rascal Flatt
I will be here - Steven Curtis Chapman
The wedding song - Kenny G
Hold you in my arms - R Lamontagne
God bless the broken road - Rascal Flatt
I can only imagine - Mercy me
Because you love me - Celine Dion
Feels like home - Chantal Kreviazuk

Our Rings!!

Some of you already know this story... I had a difficult time finding the perfect shoes to match my wedding dress.  Adam came home, one day, and said "I bought your shoes".  I thought to myself "Oh! Goodness." I opened the box and to my surprise saw a beautiful pair of high heel shoes.  They were gorgeous and so much more special cuz Adam had found them!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Week ~ The ceremony...

Our ceremony
My gorgeous husband
Happiest girl on earth
You may kiss your bride

July 31st, 2008 was an amazing weather day. Adam and I had our hearts set on an outdoor ceremony. This is were we exchanged our heartfelt vows!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

We have this tree planted in our landscaping and to my surprise... in full bloom... PINK flowers!! Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?? I love it! I wish I had more around the house. I had to take a picture of it haha! I'm feeling very southern today - I'm taking pictures of my pink flower tree LOL! Simply loving life :) p.s. Ignore the ugly Direct TV dish...HA!
Today was all about yard work. Adam did a fantastic job at shuffling around our shrubs :) We had a strategic plan for what we wanted where. Now, let's hope that everything survives the move LOL!!

Wedding Week ~ Walkin' the grounds!

Here we are, after getting out of the limo, totally admiring the beautiful grounds of Lake Las Vegas! It's gorgeous!!
The little things you don't get to see in wedding albums haha. Adam says he has something in his eye. So, I go searching and our photographer keeps clickin' away...

I GOT IT!!! One of Adam's beautiful brown eyelash was in the way. You have to know that Adam always asks me to check his eyes when something doesn't feel right. So, this is a pretty common thing for us!

He thanked me with a BIG smooch!

Now, we are ready to take our walk...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Week ~ The Limo Drive

In honor of our 1 year wedding anniversary that is coming up on Friday, I am going to post some wedding pictures!! Get ready for a picture overload LOL... Because once I started looking back through all of the wonderful pictures, I just went a little picture happy! 
I love this picture! You can tell how nervous we are just by looking at our faces!

Okay, we are starting to get excited to see our little paradise.

Continuing on in our walk down memory lane.

I love love love kisses. We are ARRIVING!!! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

What to do...

Hi everybody!
I've been thinking about ending my blog for the past few days now. After giving it some thought, I bit the bullet and gave it a little face lift to see if that would re-motivate me haha. I'm very much attached to my computer and the Internet so we will see :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Boggy Creek

Last week, Adam spent the day at "Camp Boggy Creek"!! Camp Boggy Creek is a facility in Eustis Florida founded by Paul Newman, where children who have chronic or life threatening illnesses can go at no charge to create fun camping experiences. The prescription for the day was to have FUN! 
Adam played with the kids all day, then signed hockey cards and hockey pictures for them. The kids gave Adam a Boggy Creek hand-made bear. 

What a special day ~ Good job Babe!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The weather finally cooperated...

Yesterday, after it's 6th launch attempt, U.S. space shuttle "Endeavour" blasted off to it's Space Station. Endeavour's 7 astronaut crew is flying a 16 day construction mission. I took these pictures with my phone from the dog park. It was unreal!! This is the 2nd launch we see and it's simply amazing. The noise was VERY loud from the steamy Florida sky.

People at the dog park saw some debris falling from the shuttle during liftoff. Apparently, something with the heat shield?!? The astronauts inspected the shield to ensure the shuttle is safe to return to Earth in 2 wks :)

My Florida

Our German Shepherd "Shadow" is officially a Floridian dog! She is all registered and wearing a new dog tag - kinda big red heart haha. Also, wearing something new... our Jeep LOL! A "Sunshine State" plate. It's weird cuz Florida does not require an official front license plate.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Burn, Burn, Fruits...

I have a better appreciation for the "McDonald's Coffee Case". Adam poured freshly brewed coffee from his mug to a foam cup and, by accident, it spilt all over my hand. OUTCH!!! This picture does not do it justice. I mean I do not believe it's worth a $640,000 lawsuit like Stella Liebeck may have had received but I can tell you that I have been unable to do many things including house chores Yay! haha...

Afternoon thunderstorm took a toll on our neighbor's house. Their house was damaged after lightning struck the roof. The owners weren't home when the thunderstorm rolled in however people walking by said there was an incredibly loud boom and a bright flash of light. First, it appeared there was no problem but then someone noticed smoke coming out of the roof and called 911. So devastating! 

'Tis the season for yummy tasting fruits!! Plums, peaches & cherries don't last very long on our counter. Michelle, cherries reminds me of our lunch breaks when we would drive over to your parents house, climb up ladders and pick cherries from their trees LOL. That was fun!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rumor has it...

I discovered This website confirms all kinds of legends, odd news, rumors, etc... like "eggs can be cooked by placing them between activated cell phones", which is false by the way. The Hot 25 are interesting! For example, it talks about "Warning about benzene and automobile air conditioner use". Check it out...

Free....Ya right!

When it comes to fancy lipglosses, snazzy nail polish and great deals on make-up, I can be a sucker. Will I ever learn?!?! This "Hurry-Promotion Ends Soon" got me.....dang! Among the more common shemes, people like me get the incentive only if they use "other services". That, in turn, wipes out the value of any "free" gifts from M•A•C. It was a trap that I was able to avoid....somewhat! I started getting lots of SPAM sent to my email even though I check marked "I do not wish to receive email messages from blah blah blah". I am currently unsubscribing to ALL. There are a lot of bait-and switch tactics and we should always stay on our toes!!

Sometimes....The price of free is too high.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July Already!!

In the world of the Pineault's, life is great! It has been such a pretty pretty summer. The 
good weather just doesn't seem to end. I LOVE IT. A few grainy pics off my phone. Here's Adam out in the community pool... I tried to grab a picture of him with "the blue sky" and the sun in the shot... every now and then the sun just looks HUGE when it rises near the clouds. This doesn't do it justice. But Adam's looking pretty handsome, me thinks. Hey, it's my blog. I get to say stuff like that

We will have a "lazy" day today getting coffee and snuggling up on the couch with movies for a ridiculous amount of hours. Days like that with Adam, that sweet low-key time, are such a gift -- I love them  

p.s. I'm sending some of this lovely weather to New Brunswick.... :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charity golf event & auction...

Adam Pineault and Christian Gaudet were co-chairmen of the Wildcats Alumni Charity Golf Classic. They were Bourdon's teammates when Moncton captured the QMJHL championship in 2005-06 and advanced to the Memorial Cup final.

"All the NHL teams were supportive in donating items for the auction when they knew the money was going to the Luc Bourdon Foundation,'' said Pineault, who played two seasons for Moncton in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. 

"We're just trying to keep Luc Bourdon's legacy alive by doing what we think he would do if he was still here. Donating money to his foundation in his name is a great cause and something we're all proud to do. It's a good way to honour his memory.''

Pineault, a second-round pick in the 2004 NHL draft, has played three seasons in the pros. The Columbus Blue Jackets traded him to the Chicago Blackhawks in January.

Pineault, 23, had his contract expire at the end of this season. Chicago still owned his rights, but granted his wish to be released so he's now a free agent who can sign with any team.

"Chicago is stacked with talented forwards,'' he said. "They were nice to give me the chance to sign with another team that's not as stacked up front. Hopefully, I'll be signed with another NHL club by August.''

Just last week, Christian Gaudet and Adam Pineault proved they're more than just solid hockey players as they co-chaired the first Moncton Wildcats Alumni Charity tournament at the Memramcook Resort Golf Club.

The $8,100 raised from the golf tournament and hockey memorabilia auction are being donated to the Luc Bourdon Foundation in memory of the defenceman, who died in a motorcycle accident last year near his hometown of Shippagan.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NHL Releases Free Agent List

Today, the NHL released the names of players, who became free agents. This is what Adam's agent wanted! Think of it as a positive. The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to re-qualify and give Adam an offer however his agent thought it was best for Adam to move to a team who needed a right wing. Therefore Adam was added to the unrestricted free agents list. Soon, we will be proud to belong to a new organization! Stay tuned...