Saturday, October 13, 2012

We're in Texas!

We made it safely to Texas, Weeha! 

Packin' up the U-Haul. Just about ready to hit the road. Until next year beautiful home.

A little shot of our girl during this drive. She did amazing! 

Goodbye Florida, Hello Alabama!  

...and Hello Mississippi!

Then Louisiana! This is when we started having good laughs. I had the hubs pronounce the French names on the signs such as "Maringuoin" which means mosquitos and "Grosse Tete" which means big head lol!

Above, you see a lonnnnng bridge..

We were driving over the bayou. The swampland of Louisiana. Eek!

Finally, Allen Texas. Amen! We've reached our destination :)

When we pulled into the rink's parking, I spotted the team bus. Adam will spend many hours on these wheels this season. Adam went to get our apartment key and the coach wanted him to jump on the ice, so he did! Then, it was off to get his physical done. After that, we unpacked the U-Haul and were happy to return that thing. 

I believe that tonight is Adam's first game this pre-season. It's home so I'll be there!! I'm so excited for him. It's been quite the year so now all good & positive things our wayyyy!

**Sending out good vibes to all my hockey buddies who have been affected by the hockey lock-out.