Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: August & September 2011

Hi Everyone!
The best gift in the world after being released from the hospital was being outside. Breathing that fresh air and feeling the sun. I knew that these next few months would fly by and I'd find myself readmitted in the hospital for the bone marrow transplant in October. So we lived every single day to it's fullest. We loaded up on activities, family and friends. I was very fortunate, upon my July discharge from the hospital, to be feeling great!

July 31st, 2011 - Our 3rd wedding anniversary!

I surrounded myself with family and friends.

Adam and I were making big time decisions. Where to have my bone marrow transplant. We chose the hospital that could take me the soonest. Just so happens that it was the one closest to my family & friends!
Having the transplant location took a load off our shoulders. We continued filling our days with mostly nature activities. Camping for two weeks was the best! I appreciated the sunny days but also enjoyed the rainy ones.
I went from blonde to brunette. Having brown hair was always something I wanted to try, wearing a wig was an opportunity to switch it up.
The big 2-day transplant consultation. It was becoming more and more real that I was going through this. I was introduced to the transplant team (Doctors, nurses, coordinators, social workers, etc...), visited the bone marrow transplant floor and got a boat load of information.
My brother flew into town for the weekend so the transplant team could do a series of tests.
I continued to have frequent hospital visits; blood work, PFT, Hickman upgrade (2 to 3 tubes), muga scan, bone marrow biopsies, etc... Adam, Shadow and I continued to get out when we could and enjoy each other and our freedom.

We got word on September 20th, 2011 that I continued to be in remission!!!! We could move along with the pre-transplant phase the very next week...!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update: June & July 2011

Hello Everyone!!
In my last blog post, which was forever ago, I wrote about the Hickman implant in details. These next few updates won't give as much information. Just an overview of June and July 2011. So here's a pic of the 1st Hickman dressing change. I stayed 41 days in isolation in this room. The positive was that it was bright, sunny and had amazing people care for me!
This is the arrival of my darling brother from Fort Erie Ontario. We found out on July 22nd 2011 that he was a perfect match for my bone marrow transplant. A miracle!!!
Adam went to get this tattoo right before the first bag of chemo. He's my angel!!
Last bag of chemo after the "7+3" induction chemotherapy regimen.
Date night in the hospital isolation room. Thanks Adam, Tracey & Jackie!!!
I meditated every single night. Nurses would walk into my room and I was so deep into it that I wouldn't even hear them. Vitals and meds always came second when I meditated. The nurses were so sweet to return once I was done. To this day, I have continued to practice. Actually, I've brought it to a whole new level.
Thinning of the hair didn't concern me. I kept it this lenght until it was all gone. I chose to see how it fell off my head.
This is the 1st hair wrap that I wore. Of course I added flowers ;)
Time to try on some wigs!! My amazing husband tried some on with me. We had some good laughs...! I love this man so much!
I enjoyed getting visitors!!! Thank you to everyone who came to spend time with moi!
Goodbye hair wraps.... Hello beanie hats!! I found these to be SO comfortable. Thank you Bernice & Judy!!
Shots, Shots, Shots...
You will never believe who came to visit me in the isolation room at the hospital.... My girl SHADOW!!!! That's right. The hospital guard, who went to school with my brother, told Adam that he could get a special permission for Shadow to visit me. They do this, at times, when someone is in the hospital for a long time. Yup, I qualified! Tears to absolute joy!!
Interview with Radio Canada/CBC Television in my room.
A second visit from Shadow. This brought such good energy and excitement! I love my girl.
A picture with my angel husband. He was by my side throughout this whole journey. Ohh, those little ponytails are getting thin hee hee! Did I tell you that I'm in REMISSION here!!!!!
The wall of encouragement and special thoughts. Look at that beautiful sun coming in!
Just got word that I'm getting released today!!! It's been a long 41 days.
It's been a long 41 days of not breathing fresh air..! We are packing up and heading out.
Many, many THANKS for all your support, visits, gifts, thoughts and prayers. Enjoy this beautiful life to the fullest xo

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm baaaack!!

If you haven't read my CaringBridge post, I'm here to tell you that I'm starting up the good ol' blog! I'm really excited and motivated to put these fingers to work.

Today is day +181 post bone marrow transplant. The last time I posted on CaringBridge, I shared my +100 day update. It's been way too long. This afternoon, driving back from the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, I noticed "signs". Not billboards, nor bumper stickers but signs from the universe. I strongly believe they exist. So it was clear to me... I had to start writing again.

I have lots to tell you since the January post. I will not only share my medical updates but plenty more...

Well, have a good night and sleep tight!