Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Wonderful Years!!

Today marks our 2 years anniversary!!! And I can tell you that we've had no shortage of memories and adventures since our first date back in 2006. It's been such an amazing "buckle-your-seatbelt" kind of ride...

Sometimes, I think back and wonder, "how in the world did I gather the courage to quit my job, end my lease, sell my car and say goodbye to my best friends and family to move miles and miles away. All to see if it would work with this guy...!" But it's honestly one of those few things in my life I can absolutely say I JUST KNEW. I knew in my gut and had no doubts. Thank you God for my amazing husband!!!!

Even in this next chapter which continues to be unknown, when it can be so easy to let fear and doubt creep in, I'm SO thankful to share with you that it's been an awesome time of growth for us as a couple. On that note, happy two years babe. Thank you for being my best friend through everything, and I am so blessed to be your wife. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dog Beach!

Ahhh! Sweet summer... How I will miss you! So, things are still very busy around here. But the hubs and I decided to spend a few niiice, slooowww couple of hours at the dog beach with Shadow. Our dog loves the water. It's crazy!

Shadow with a smile on her face :)

Runnin' waves!

Adam forgot to put his swim trunks on...!

We are all pooped out!

On our way home, Shadow waisted no time falling asleep.

T'was a fun afternoon!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hockey Stall

Yay! My husband has a hockey stall in our garage now!! I'm very happy about this because it picks up his hockey equipment perfectly. I remember finding his gear and hockey sticks on our picnic table after he'd come home from skating. All the germs and bacteria on it. Ewww! It's all organized and we love this!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Minute to Win it'

I am addicted to watching 'Minute to Win it'. Recently, there was a couple (Kim & Aaron) that was on the show and they were really good! So good that they won $500,000.00 on the episode that aired last Wednesday. They made it through 4 rounds of interviews to get on that stage. Their actual challenge day was back in May so they weren't allowed to tell anyone that they had won half a million dollars! They won the biggest amount to date.

In an interview with Orlando Sentinel, they said that if they won $50,000.00 they would get married next year but since they won ten times that amount, they are getting married in October. Check out their "Wedding Movie Trailer". Love it!!

All new episode of 'Minute to Win it' tomorrow night on NBC. I'll be watching :)

It's around the corner...

This past weekend we spent lots of time with friends. Our BIG departure to Czech Republic is just around the corner so we want to see everyone as much as possible. From dinners and margaritas to BBQs and playing Apples to Apples, we had fun!

The hubs and I walking Shadow yesterday!

Last week, I wrote about having to proactively work on our "to-do list". We actually got a lot done. This week, we focus on taking those big old suitcases out and starting to pack our winter clothes. Ugh! The thought of winter gives me chills :S But, we're gonna do it!

We have been getting a little frustrated with the "fields" on both sides of our house lately. The grass was LONG. Here we are working so hard to make our yard look nice but then these lots are not maintained. Well, I'm happy to say that they came this weekend!! I had to run outside and take a picture haha!

This week, we kick it into high gear in planning our European move. I can't believe we have 2 weeks left in Florida. This is becoming very real. So, on the "to-do list", find an airline approved travel kennel for Shadow and pack, pack, pack. Other things will come up I'm sure. Will keep you posted on our progress!
Happy Tuesday ❀

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedroom Designs!

Today, I'm gonna share with you two of our bedrooms. When we bought our house, it was the model home for the community. Obviously, the decorations and furniture weren't included in the sales price (bummer!). So this is what we did with the spare bedrooms...

The picture below is what the decorator did when it was a model home. The bedroom design theme was music. When we moved, everything was gone, for the exception of the wallpaper. So, I pulled the music notes off, repainted and decorated it!

This is the first step...

Then I hung a few more pictures and added this bedskirt today. It's still not fully completed to my liking but it's getting there! I'd like to eventually get a few more decorations and the dresser for this bedroom set :)

Now, spare bedroom #2 was a surfer kids room in it's model home days haha! It was so flashy and I really didn't like the bright lime green everywhere. My husband wanted to take charge of decorating this room. He wanted to do it ALL... So, I let him!

This is the first step...
Yes! The hubs did absolutely everything in here (bought the decorations, painted, ordered the furniture)... He did it! Today, I made a bedskirt for "his" spare bedroom. I didn't get a chance to iron it, so please just ignore the wrinkles lol!

There you have it folks, our guest rooms! I am working on other areas of the house that I'm hoping to post next week. I'd love to, one day, turn a spare guest room into a nursery!! That would be amazing... Y'all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Card

The Green Card maze is OVER!!! I couldn't be happier! The whole process for acquiring my PermanentResident status in the United States was one challenging road. I know because I've been building up to the end of the process for almost 2 years. Even though my husband is American, it's not easy folks.. So, I'm thrilled to say I have my 'Conditional Green Card'!!! This means that in two years my case will be reviewed with another immigration interview. Then, they will drop the "conditional" on my Green Card. For now, I'm so thankful to make it through Stage 1 of the Green Card cuz this means I'm without a doubt following my man to Czech Republic for the upcoming hockey season ~ Yay!! =)

This is what my Green Card looks like!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Epcot & Haircut

This past weekend, we went to Epcot Center with some friends. It was an adult only outing and we did the World Showcase. We walked through countries and sampled food and drinks! It was fun. Our first stop of the day was Canada!! I was born and raised in Canada so this was probably the best stop ;)

OH!!! I might as well, use this post to tell you I got my hair cut!! These are the very first picture uploaded since I got my new style. I really loved my long hair but I had a lot of dry ends and with this heat, I didn't have the patience to dry it. It's shoulder lenght and has lots of layers. I love it!!

The staff who worked in Canada wore this funny outfit which they believe represent my country haha!

This is the same friends who came with us on the cruise. Lovem' all!

JapanMexicoGermanyChinaThe lovely ladies who I will MISS so much when I'm in Czech Republic.
These guys all act like they are brothers. I'm not even kidding you... The saying "brotha from another motha" has never been so true! HA!

During the fireworks, I got something in my eye -- Outch! It felt something like when you have an eyelash in your eye or like firework dust scratched my eyeball.. Today is the first day that it doesn't hurt :)
Well, that was our weekend. Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eeek... 3 Weeks!!!

Can you believe June has come and gone and it's already mid-July?!?! Seems like summer is just whooshing by. Adam and I are doing great but realizing that the hockey season is just around the corner...
Every year, around this time, I tell myself that we still have a few months before training camp starts. But this year, Adam is suppose to report to Czech Republic in AUGUST! Holy smokes, that means we need to leave in about 3 weeks! I'm looking forward to it but I'm also very nervous. I've never been to Europe and our travel there isn't a visit... it's for a whole hockey season! *Breath*

I'm grateful for this blog which will allow me to tell you what we will be doing, how the hockey season is going and how we enjoy living 45 minutes from Prague. Luckily, Adam lived there last season so he will know the ins and outs of the city.

This week, I need to proactively think about what we need to bring and the loose ends we need to take care of here in Florida. Shadow will join us in this new adventure! Yay! My top thing to-do this week for her is get an apt for a 15 digit microchip. Her 9 digit one doesn't cut it for Europe. Dang!

Oh! Something else that I want to do is read more about a "slingbox". It's some sort of device that remotely provides you a feed from our home cable. Adam said there is only one english station in Czech which is MTV. I can only watch so much of "The Jersey Shore". HA!

Hmm... If you were me, what else would you want to do, take care of or bring??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Flip Off

*Warning.... Long Post!*

I've decided to join the "Friday Flip-Off" today. It comes with a good or should I say not so good story. Where to begin... Delta, Delta, Delta.

On Tuesday morning, I had my brother drive me to the Buffalo airport. I gave myself enough time to get there 2 hours prior to departure. Well, at the time I thought it was enough time until I got to the U.S. boarder in Niagara Falls. We drove up to the officer and she took our passports. She told me I had to go inside and get my passport stamped. Okay?! We walk in, sat down and waited. Waited. WAITED. One hour passed and we were still waiting!!! I walked up to the officer and told him I had a flight that was boarding in 30 minutes. I also asked if there was a problem. He said, that I would most likely miss that flight and told me he was trying to figure out my previous status. I told him I was a visitor. He stamped my passport and we left. SERIOUSLY!

Now, I'm scared to miss my flight. I get to the airport, thank my brother for everything and hugged him goodbye. I walk to the departure desk and it's a super long line-up. I panic a little bit and stand in line. I see that there is a self check-in teller open so I sneak in front of the line and check myself in. Yes, I know... That's bad! I made up for it later ;)

By this point, I'm not sure if my flight left or not so I start running to my gate. Fortunately, I only have a carry-on suitcase, so no checking luggage. Run, Run, Run... I get to my gate (25) and ask the Delta agent if my flight left. She said no, that they were still boarding but at gate 22. So I race back to gate 22 and I try to board but the man from Continental?! says I need to get my boarding card scanned at gate 25. Really.... I return to gate 25 and ask to get scanned. The Delta agent, with a frustrated tone, says that I need to wait because she is only boarding 1st class and elite Delta Gold/Silver members. Fine.

What the Delta agent was doing, was scanning boarding passes at gate 25 and walking one zone at a time over to gate 22 to board the plane. Then, she would come back and call another zone and so on so forth. Not to safe!! Whatever... I waited! This one lady who was probably 80 years old asked for assistance for her husband who was in a wheelchair. The Delta agent said not enough staff to help today. WHAT! So I tell the little old lady that I will help her. I wheel her husband back to gate 22 and board him. Then I put the wheelchair by the flight check-in. The lady is so thankful. I go back to gate 25 and finally my zone is called so I walk back to gate 22 and board the plane (thinking my drama is over). Ya....NO!

I'm sitting on the plane and the flight attendant comes to our row and says a bag in our over head bin needs to be readjusted because she can't close the door. I'm siting in the middle and I get up, I look at the bin and look at the flight attendant. I turn the man's suitcase, who is probably 6'7 and sitting by the window. The man is very happy he doesn't need to get up and appreciates me doing that for him. I sit down again and the flight attendant comes up to us and says: "I can't touch luggage cuz I have a neck injury and my elbows are soar". Anyhow, I'm just thankful I made the flight! Well, 45 minutes go by and we are still taxing on the runway. I look at my watch and I realize that my connecting flight leaves in 20 minutes!!!!! GREAT.

We finally leave and the captain says we will be flying at a lower altitude to get there faster. Good! As we approach Detroit, I ask the flight attendant (yes, the injured one) if she has my gate #. She said no and to check at the arrival gate. As we prepare to land, the captain makes an announcement that Mr. Charles Ingram who is 90 years old successfully got through his very first flight. Well guess what, he's the man in the wheelchair that I helped!

We land, I gather my things very fast and run up the ramp. The Delta agent says that my departure gate is A40. I got off at A4 so basically I need to run from one end of the airport to the other. UGH! I start running and midway there, Delta calls my name on the intercom. YIKES! Everything in my body is hurting. Remember, I'm pulling my luggage and I have a bag & purse on my shoulder. Outch!

I get to gate A40 and the Delta agent says I need to board NOW. I get on the plane, put my suitcase in the overhead bin and sit down. Exhausted and trying to catch my breath! The flight attendant comes up to me and says she needs my boarding card and leaves with it. I'm thinking, here we go again. She comes back and asks if I can move to accommodate a little girl and her mother. Sure! So I get up, walk to the front of the plane and stand in the isle. Suddenly, I see a guy sitting in my seat?!?! WHAT! I ask the flight attendant and she says to ask the flight attendant in charge. That's what I do. She says: "I'm sorry Mame this seat was double booked". I'm fuming by this point! I know exactly what happened. It's a full flight and as I was so late from a LATE connection, they gave my assigned seat away. I'm just mad they said it was for a girl and her mom...

I stood by the door for 15 minutes and waited for a seat. My window seat which I had booked in Buffalo early that morning was gone. The Delta attendant comes back and says she found a seat for me. The middle seat in the row before the exit row. This row is the worst because it has no leg room and the seats don't go back at all. Geeze!

By now, I'm physically and emotionally exhausted! I'm very disappointed with Delta and the lack of customer service! I turn on my little TV and there's Bethenny =) How happy am I to hear her...! She has the best "one liners" and has such a funny show ♥

At the end of the flight, another flight attendant, who I've not seen yet, comes up to me and says she is sorry for all the trouble I've been through today. She gives me a free coupon for a beer, wine or earphones on my next flight.... HA! Well, there you have it folks my Delta story.

I apologize for such a LONNNNNNG post! On a much happier note, it's Friday!! Cheers :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All about Abby!

I just got back from a lovely visit to meet my darling Abby!! This is my very 1st picture with Abigail Grace who has made me a godmother. Never before have I had this meaningful title and I will take it very seriously. I want to make memories with this little goosie girl and share them with her when she is older. Yes... that does include spoiling her! I just love her ♥

A sweet little milestone was that I was part of taking Abby on her first walk in her stroller!

After a couple of hours visiting with everyone, it was obvious that Abby needed food... She was hungry. As I snuggled her, she sadly whimpered in my arms. Poor baby girl!

Gotta love this cute hungry face!

I haven't said to much about this, but it sort of hypnotized me to watch Abby sleep. She was so peaceful and it kept me entertained! Another thing that I simply love about babies is that they smell so clean. Love, love, love it!

What else... OH, we took Abby shopping! Besides being such an awesome little shopping companion, she was able to sneak in a daytime nap.

Oh little pumpkin... I am so in love with you! (Yes, another sleeping shot!!!)

This little girl is getting pretty close to turning herself over at only 2 weeks old!!! I got her this cute little outfit with a panda on the hinnie, so adorable :)

What a joy this kiddo is to me. I really packed in some fun time with her. The most fun was to have Abby sleep on me. It's a precious feeling!

Sweet chubby little feet ♥

Well, there you go... My very first visit to meet my goddaughter! I loved every minute of it and I'm sure you'll be hearing much more about my new little niece in the coming months. Ok, on that note, good night everyone. Will post again tomorrow!