Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Twas the night before Halloween

No treats just yet but snow, snow and more snow!!! In case you were wondering, we got crystalline water ice, better known as snow, 3-days-in-a-row. Notice my lack of enthusiasm for the first snow of winter haha... Really hope these flakes that have formed a layer on the ground GO AWAY!
Well it's the eve of Halloween. I'm excited because children in costumes will solicit treats at my door tomorrow :) I will try to take some pics!! Did you know that one-third of all Americans believe in ghosts?!? It came as a surprise to me. Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This & That

I'm baaaaack! Sorry it's been a while. I have felt SO disconnected from the blogging world lately but I'm catchin' up. Jolene & Angie, thanks again for sharing your pics of Francine's wedding with us. I apparently missed a great road trip!!!
Okay, so life... let's see. We got cable, internet and furniture last week :) :) Tomorrow Express Rental will deliver our computer desk and we will be all set! Adam and I bought a BBQ and assembled it. Yes, it took us a l-o-n-g while haha but those cheeze burgers were unreal! Well, it's such a pretty time of year up here, with all the leaves changing. Since I last gave you an update, we went horseback riding at Maple Hedge Farm which is located only 40 minutes from here in beautiful Highland Forest. This farm is home to over twenty horses and is surrounded by over twenty miles of trails. It was wonderful!!!!
We got our first grocery out of the way ~ oufff... Autumn Delights = waistline expansion?!? Is it just me, or does the cold crisp autumn days stir up the Betty Crocker in you? Honest to God, I look at the weather; see that its cold and dreary and just automatically start to dream about baking banana bread, chocolate macaroons, zucchini and chicken soup, and so on and so on...

While I've been cooking up a storm, Adam has been busy signing hockey cards. I believe he signed over 1500 lately. Keep an eye out for those! You can find them in those little hockey card packages when you stand in line at the check-out counter in grocery stores and/or gas stations. Adam has been doing great! They had a very unfortunate lost last Saturday (1-7) outch!!! So the Crunch is getting ready to get back on the winning streak this weekend as they play tomorrow night and Saturday.

I went to see Carrie Underwood last Saturday. She was so good and put on a great concert! Adam and I watched the Boston Red Sox loose to the Tampa Bay Rays last Sunday. I thought for sure they would win but was wrong :( Better luck next year!
Well, I'm off to surf internet to try and see what we can experience next here in Syracuse (and surroundings). Will let you know! Have a great day :)

Mandy's turn...

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Amanda!! I'm very confident that she had no troubles yesterday wrapping things up on her end, with a wonderful husband who spoils her, along with so many family and friends that adore her. That's the thing about Amanda... it's kind of impossible NOT to laugh your head off with this girl, and have the best time with her. I've had the privilege of walking alongside Amanda in a few hockey seasons of life, and What would I have done without Mandy's incredible support, perspective, and deep friendship as we navigated these new roads together?! Undoubtedly it's so many of these shared experiences that grew us together in such a uniquely deep way.

Mandy, I can't imagine my life without your friendship. Our talks, our fits of uncontrollable laughter, our randomness that is almost like a language I often think only we speak, our ability to be there for each other in ways that comes from our past few years of learning how, and our like-spirits that gives us an amazing sister-like connection... these are some of the things I truly cherish when I think of who you are in my life! Happy Happy Birthday to you, Mandy!!! I wish I was actually there yesterday, but my memories of so many great times together will have to suffice. Miss ya & luv u sista!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Francine & Craig = Hitched!

Weeeeeee! A big moment... CONGRATS to my friend Francine Johnson!!! She tied the knot today... I can't wait to steal pics from Angie & Jolene haha :) For long-distancers such as myself, this is fantastic! Francine, I wish you a long and happy, happy life! Have a wonderful day, great weekend, lots of fun and soak it all up girlfriend! I miss ya xox
Today is the kick-off of a long weekend! Tonight, Adam is playing against Rochester. I believe the game is on internet (I'm checkin' now).

p.s. Dear Head Cold & Sinus Bug, PLEASE GO AWAY. Loooove, Monique.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The hunt is over!

Sorry for the silence lately! I was on such a roll with my blogging... and then real life got back in the way haha. For those of you who haven't heard, we are back in Syracuse. Our trip out was pretty smooth. I won't lie, we didn't have much of a warm fuzzy feeling in our tummies. But it's all good and we will keep positive! We've been passing time doing a lot of house and apartment hunting. We had an appointment last night to see a house and let me tell ya that the house/apt hunt has finally ended!!! We found a house in one on the cutest little subdivisions. We were very eager for the right fit to come along and it did. We love this one :) We will move next Wednesday afternoon so it's a hotel room until then.

Time in Moncton with my girls!!!
My time home, while Adam had training camp, was awesome! To my friends & family; you guys ALL make me feel so loved, and while things have been different over the past few years, I truly am such a blessed girl to have you! And I'm so thankful for the commitment to stay close. I am lucky to have the DEEP levels at which our friendships operate - it is not something easily achieved, and I refuse to let them fade just because of 1000 silly miles :) Thank you for the wonderful visit!!!!
In other events and happenings, Adam and I miss living with the Healy's! They've been so good to us.. We also miss Louie (their dog) d-e-a-r-l-y.

This dog has an amazing personality and would enjoy nap-time with Adam.

Tomorrow Adam has a game in Rochester and then it's the home opener on Saturday. Well folks, happy Thursday! Gonna go pick up my husband :)

p.s. Angie & Jolene; have a great road trip!!! Give my best to Francine. Drive safe girls xo

Friday, October 3, 2008

More B-Days :)

Happy Birthday Gakuji. YOU'RE TWO!!! :) Allow me to introduce you to another one of the little toddlers in my life. Gakuji is my cousin Carl's little boy. They live in Japan! Gakuji speaks english to Carl and Japonese to his mom, Rieko. I tell you, it takes a smart kiddo to balance two languages as such a young age (2!!). I always look forward to opening my email in hopes that I have a new picture of this adorable toddler to add to my collection. Being so far away, it's easy for him to freeze in my mind as this little baby, but he's growing up, no question! And he's an amazing little boy. Carl & Rieko... I hope you are still pinching yourself when you look at him! You've done an amazing job at keeping us updated with pictures -- I see so much of you in him.....height for one :) it's awesome. Give him a big hug for me today!! We miss you guys!

Happy birthday to Mark Johnson, on September 30th!!! My blue eyed cousin Mark who truly has a heart for others! I miss our days at Alix & Jules' camp where we'd go crazy as kids. Goodness, we had fun. Mark is good at making people feel great. His heart comes through in this way. Whether in a conversation or spending time with you, I've always thought this was a cool gift that Mark has in impacting the people in his life. He is selfless, gentle, genuine guy. We hope you had a fun day with whistles and hollers... Line, give your fiance a big kiss & squeeze for me and tell him happy birthday! Miss ya, cus!!!