Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This & That

I'm baaaaack! Sorry it's been a while. I have felt SO disconnected from the blogging world lately but I'm catchin' up. Jolene & Angie, thanks again for sharing your pics of Francine's wedding with us. I apparently missed a great road trip!!!
Okay, so life... let's see. We got cable, internet and furniture last week :) :) Tomorrow Express Rental will deliver our computer desk and we will be all set! Adam and I bought a BBQ and assembled it. Yes, it took us a l-o-n-g while haha but those cheeze burgers were unreal! Well, it's such a pretty time of year up here, with all the leaves changing. Since I last gave you an update, we went horseback riding at Maple Hedge Farm which is located only 40 minutes from here in beautiful Highland Forest. This farm is home to over twenty horses and is surrounded by over twenty miles of trails. It was wonderful!!!!
We got our first grocery out of the way ~ oufff... Autumn Delights = waistline expansion?!? Is it just me, or does the cold crisp autumn days stir up the Betty Crocker in you? Honest to God, I look at the weather; see that its cold and dreary and just automatically start to dream about baking banana bread, chocolate macaroons, zucchini and chicken soup, and so on and so on...

While I've been cooking up a storm, Adam has been busy signing hockey cards. I believe he signed over 1500 lately. Keep an eye out for those! You can find them in those little hockey card packages when you stand in line at the check-out counter in grocery stores and/or gas stations. Adam has been doing great! They had a very unfortunate lost last Saturday (1-7) outch!!! So the Crunch is getting ready to get back on the winning streak this weekend as they play tomorrow night and Saturday.

I went to see Carrie Underwood last Saturday. She was so good and put on a great concert! Adam and I watched the Boston Red Sox loose to the Tampa Bay Rays last Sunday. I thought for sure they would win but was wrong :( Better luck next year!
Well, I'm off to surf internet to try and see what we can experience next here in Syracuse (and surroundings). Will let you know! Have a great day :)

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