Friday, October 3, 2008

More B-Days :)

Happy Birthday Gakuji. YOU'RE TWO!!! :) Allow me to introduce you to another one of the little toddlers in my life. Gakuji is my cousin Carl's little boy. They live in Japan! Gakuji speaks english to Carl and Japonese to his mom, Rieko. I tell you, it takes a smart kiddo to balance two languages as such a young age (2!!). I always look forward to opening my email in hopes that I have a new picture of this adorable toddler to add to my collection. Being so far away, it's easy for him to freeze in my mind as this little baby, but he's growing up, no question! And he's an amazing little boy. Carl & Rieko... I hope you are still pinching yourself when you look at him! You've done an amazing job at keeping us updated with pictures -- I see so much of you in him.....height for one :) it's awesome. Give him a big hug for me today!! We miss you guys!

Happy birthday to Mark Johnson, on September 30th!!! My blue eyed cousin Mark who truly has a heart for others! I miss our days at Alix & Jules' camp where we'd go crazy as kids. Goodness, we had fun. Mark is good at making people feel great. His heart comes through in this way. Whether in a conversation or spending time with you, I've always thought this was a cool gift that Mark has in impacting the people in his life. He is selfless, gentle, genuine guy. We hope you had a fun day with whistles and hollers... Line, give your fiance a big kiss & squeeze for me and tell him happy birthday! Miss ya, cus!!!

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