Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthdays!! Birthdays!!

Happy birthday!!!! Today, Claire is four. This blows my mind. I remember when I found out Isabelle & Bruce were expecting a baby, and this would be the first kid of any of my family. We were so excited!!!! I LOVE this little princess, and so miss getting to be there as she shoots up into a full-blown little girl. From the beginning, it only took a minute or two interacting with this kiddo before you realized that she is one bright little girl with the social skills of a 20 year old. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. We made her imitate animal sounds as early as 10mths old and were having conversations with her when she was two, in which she threw out words like "probablement". But the best was when she wanted to get dressed by herself and say: "j'veux mettre mon p'tit haut" :) I love being around her and miss her tons. We love you so much Claire XOX Bonne Fete!

Claire and her brother Alexi = ADORABLE

Claire wearing my sunglasses and necklace, cute cute cute!


Happy birthday Angie!! Angie and I met when we were still in high school (yes, many moons ago). We navigated through some of our twenties together, and have seen each other through so much! Angie is SO funny. It just never mattered what we were doing. It was always fun with Angie (and still is!!). While all the fun and laughter was what bonded us, it didn't take long for Angie to become someone I always wanted around. She is one of those people you just gravitate to... she's sweet and spunky and has that infectious little laugh, and she's so funny (did I mention that?)... everyone just loves being around her. She's so quick-witted, and also so easily laughs at life and even herself. It's refreshing to be around her.
Angie has the biggest heart for her husband (she just glows when she's with him) but lets not forget for her dogs also :) She was my only friend who had goats in her backyard LOL!! Angie is such a gorgeous girl. But as true as that is, so much of Ang's beauty is from what radiates from inside of her. Angele, I miss you and I'm looking forward to our next visit.
Have a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l day xox
p.s. (clarification: you = not old... our friendship = old!!!)

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