Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey... Hi...

Yeah... it's been awhile. Life is busy!! Something had to give (well, many things, actually), and I guess blogging got the ax for awhile. Now I see what a pain getting behind on this is! So much to cover, it's going to bore you! I'll just hit some highlights.

Ok, first things first. Some belated birthday shout-outs...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARL!!! Carl is my cousin who lives in Japan with his wife Rieko and, soon-to-be 2yrs old, son Gakuji. Carl, I hope you had a great day, complete with a birthday crown as part of your teacher-attire September 14th. It's how things should be, no question ;) Luv ya big time. Also, happy birthday to Adam's lil sista Ashley who turned 17yrs old on September 11th. Hope you had a great day kiddo!! xox

Hurricane Ike decided to come visit Ohio. I had never seen tremendous winds, raise trees and debris like what I saw last Sunday! It was horrible... I've posted a few pictures on my other blog. The series of high winds around the state last Sunday left many "Ohioans" dealing with repairs and clean-up in the aftermath. People are dealing with fallen tree debris, roof repair, damaged vehicles and so on... We had no power for 2 1/2 days and let me tell you that I rely on electricity ALOT. Oufff... I missed having hot water, a cold fridge and TV, TV, TV.

Finally, time to have a Kenny Chesney talk in one word SPECTACULAR!!! We had such a great time and can't even put it into words haha. We tailgated in the parking lot and Kenny surprised fans outside by playing a few songs on the XM radio stage prior to his show! Around 6pm, we headed inside and to our surprise, Leann Rimes showed up and was singing her greatest hits!!! I had read on internet that she had tonsilitis...but nope she was singing strong. A few hours later, Keith Urban took the stage and last but certainly not least, Kenny got on and absolutely rocked the Lucas Oil Stadium. I did encounter one problem, my camera battery died as Kenny got on stage. So, I gave my email address to the girl that was standing next to me in hopes that she will email her pics to me (she said "not a problem"). Cross my fingers!
I still have SO MUCH to blog about but I'm tired and off to bed folks'.... Talk soon!

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