Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disney Fantasy Cruise ~ July 17 in St Maarten

You have no idea how happy I was to see land when I woke up Tuesday July 17th lol! Our first stop was St Maarten. All ashore 8am. Adam, Jim and I toured the island while Melissa and the kids stayed at the pool. Adam read that the Sunset Beach Bar in St Maarten was an entertaining spot. So we jumped into a cab and drove off... Maria, our driver, was really nice. She acted like a tour guide, talking to us about St Maarten. 

Getting out of the cab at the Sunset Bar and Grill.

What's most exciting about this bar is that you get to watch jets and big airplanes land all day long. The arrival schedule for all planes is listed on this surf board. I thought that was cool. 

 My gorgeous husband and the 1st plane about to land.

Jim, also waiting patiently.

This was our first plane.

We noticed a lot of people gathering on the beach.

It's definitely gonna be a BIG plane. Everyone is rushing.

We think, from a distance, that it is a KLM.

Here it comes...

Hold on to your hat and yourself... It's huge! Yes!! It's a KLM. Zoomed right by us. Unreal!

The view

Beautiful Caribbean water

Love it!

Another plane right above my head. 

There it goes. We saw plenty that afternoon.

With my love ♥

A few hours later, we drove back with Maria towards the cruise boat. These are the streets of St Maarten.

I see our boat in the distance. 

We took a water taxi to return to the ship instead of walking. 

That evening, it was "Mickey's Pirates of the Caribbean" night. It's a Pirate celebration during dinner and fireworks at night. Our little group decided to pull a few pranks on our servers. Here is Marvette with two glasses full of water on both her hands lol! 

Then we got Carlos with some whipped cream!

Later, Adam and I enjoyed drinks at Currents Nightclub and Lounge the deck 13 of the ship while our friends watched Disney Pixar Brave.

Finally, we all enjoyed the Disney fireworks from the top floor!! Amazing!!

Disney Fantasy Cruise ~ Monday July 16 at Sea

Monday July 16, we were still at sea on the Disney Cruise. Adam and I had noticed the previous day that our a/c wasn't working well so maintenance guys came to our room and fixed the defective part. Our room got hot and sleeping conditions weren't the best therefore the customer service desk offered me a manicure. I was happy! I walked over to the spa and had the manicure done. During the time at the spa, I started feeling weird. I wasn't listening to the lady doing my nails anymore because it hit me. I was seasick. I felt nauseous and couldn't wait to get out of there. I returned to the room and slept pretty much all afternoon. The motion of anything in sight (water in a glass, swinging curtains, etc..) made me sick. I couldn't wait for the next day when we got to St Maarten, land! We'd been sailing for 3 full days and being in that closed in spa area was enough.

That evening, we had reservations at Palo restaurant. A restaurant we were all looking forward to try on this cruise. So, I put on my big girl pants, didn't think about my nauseous tummy, got ready and went!

Our lovely table.

The entrance to Palo when getting off the elevator.

The Palo restaurant is best known for it's chocolate soufflé. This signature dessert is served with a warm vanilla bean and chocolate sauce. Incredible!! 

A little couple shot ♥

Once we finished this amazing meal at Palo, I returned to the room which meant I was gonna miss the evening show "Disney Wishes". I couldn't pull myself to the theater and just wanted my pjs and my bed. 

Meliss, Riley and Jim taking pics with the characters. Cute!