Monday, March 29, 2010

Peyton's Day!

My little pony cake ~ so nice & yummy...
Peyton blowing her candles!!!
The kiddos :)
The extravaganza in the backyard!
Riley in her gorgeous handmade pillow case dress in the playroom.
Sarah's blue raspberry tong after eating Airheads lol!!!

Turning 5 is serious stuff... Look at these pics. On Saturday, I spent a nice sunny day celebrating Peyton. These kids are such a joy!! Kim threw a fun party. I sort of eat up traditions and love that I've been around these sweet kiddos for several months now... It was a great time!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Color Brilliance

Item: Color Brilliance Intensive Shine
Size: 2.05 oz
Quantity: One
Color: 5N Light Brown
Hair Creme: Demi permanent

I do not work in a beauty salon, I just thought I would try to do my own highlights one day. It's not easy but if you take your time and have a steady hand, you can do it! Sally Beauty Supply is where I normally buy my hair color. Supply stores carry different lines of products, so this time I bought Ion "Color Brilliance". I added more low lights and went a little darker with the color. After I styled my hair (forgot to take a picture), I loved how the color looked! It gave my hair more richness than it normally has. Really like this hair dye which keeps my strands healthy :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yum White Choco!

I caved in and got a few Easter bunnies. I've tried more than my fair share of Easter treats in my time :) I ♥ white chocolate, mini eggs and creme eggs. Ohhhh.... Cadbury, how I have such a weakness for your sweets!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been through a ton of balms, softeners and chapsticks. I scatter them everywhere... believe me EVERYWHERE ha ha! There are so many that I absolutely love, love, love!
->Aquafina Mint Chapstick
->Soft Lips Vanilla Lip Balm
->Carmex Lip Moisturizer
->Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Right now, my favorite is Vaseline Lip Therapy. It's cheap and keeps my lips smooth, soft with a little shine. Simply amazing!! I'd like to one day try; LypSyl Honey Berry, Get Real Peaches, Nuxe Reve de Miel, LipSense and Korres Jasmine Lip Butter. For the time being, I'm content with my stash and my little tube of Vaseline ♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th

It's great to have longer hair because sometimes I get tired of it hanging in my face. I secured a small braid, tied with a hairpin matching the color of my hair. My favorite braid of all times is the full frontal French braid. You can check it out on Maegan's site
Shadow has a basketball fetish...
This dog is spoiled and worry-free I tell ya!!

Because you're hot...

Looovvvve my new deodorant. Just in time for spring :) I enjoy being on the lookout for new products but this one...I wasn't sure, hesitate and shied away from purchasing Vanilla scent. Well, boys was I missing out. It's called **Vanilla Spark** and it's fantastic! It has a sweet unique long-lasting sparkling scent with a great protection. Thumbs up ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a win!!

Adam's team won quarterfinals!! Semifinals will start April 2nd...
Good job & Miss you babe ♥


It's very difficult taking self-shots without a real camera. I've been using mirrors but I have no flash on my cellphone so it makes for very grainy, unclear, dark pictures. So sorry! I think you will agree that I have to put this newbie on hold for now :(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet time with my girl :)

Waiting for the bridge to go down...
A very quiet Canal St.
Dog park digging?! Just kidding... It's not Shadow's doing.
On the agenda today, a drive towards the beach and the dog park. I also hammered out other tasks. However, one of the bigger to-do on my list... a project that I'm working on and hope to reveal to you soon!! It's an "unknown" for me but it's going well :)
P.S. I will be ridiculously happy once Adam is back ♥

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love My Nails

A few weeks ago, I bought a few bottles of "Love My Nails" polish manufactured by Bari Cosmetics at the drugstore. I must say that for only $1.00, it's great!!! It applied very smoothly. I used two coats of Opulence #525 which is gorgeous. I do, however, prefer creme colors over shimmer and glitter on my nails but this shade I really really liked! Beautiful ♥
*Excuse the poor quality phone pic :)


I ♥ this pic!! So much focus & concentration.

I'm going to give more hockey updates as the season is fast approaching the end. Adam's team won yesterday 0-5 and leading the quarterfinals 3-1. They are preparing for the fifth game of the series on Wednesday which could eliminate Třinec. GO-PARDUBICE-GO!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yes, I'm using my cellphone haha!
Complete your look with accessories ~ hats, bags, belts, gloves, jewelry and more!

Hello to all! It's my turn... I'm jumping on the whole "outfit-of-the-day" bandwagon in the blog World. I have a love for fashion by exploring my own style and being creative. I really like this outfit because it looks casual, comfortable and dressy all at the same time!

What I'm wearing:
Top - Target
Belt - H&M
Skirt/Tank Top - Forever 21

Note --> I'm not affiliated with any of these companies

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My cute dressing room and... the look on my face haha!!

I was able to check out this new store at the Pavilion called Adornments. It sells mostly brand name clothing. A little pricey but the jeans are reasonable. There's something about high end jeans that just make a super cute glam look. I'm a sucker for them! Which jeans fits you best?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My favorite black Aviators broke :( Actually the tiny screw that holds the frame together broke in half and the screw is stuck in there. It's sooo small that I don't even own a screwdriver that little. I will eventually fix them once I find the right tools.
Cheryl Cole, front woman for Girls Aloud, X Factor judge, FHM's Sexiest Woman and new queen of style has exceptional taste. I'm very much a fan of hers. I think she is undisputedly one of the most well styled woman. She's ridiculously gorgeous, beautifully groomed, happy and always glossy! Anyways, she is caught here wearing high end mirrored Aviators which I love....
I've always been a fan of the flashy mirrored Aviator shades. Similar style to the most recognizable Police sunglasses. Ray-Ban has a pair for $152.00, wayyy to much money. Gucci also has gorgeous refined aviators for $295.00 Wayyy-wayyy to expensive! I know that these sunglasses will never look dated and will remain fashionable for years and years but I can't imagine dropping a small fortune on them.

...Well, I found them!!!!!! Exactly what I was looking for at only a fraction of the price ~ A whoopin' $5.99...! Perfect legendary tear drop mirrored Aviators. I was so excited ~ Stylin' Woohoo ♥

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barkley Square Dog Park

Shadow taking a cool-down dip

A duo of good pals! Shadow & Magnum chasing each other.

Jen and I took our dogs to Barkley Square Dog Park. This is hands down the best dog park I've EVER seen!!! It forms a circle on more than 14 acres of land. The park has many big trees, lots of room for dogs to run and even a swimming pond which Shadow and Magnum enjoyed! There were benches, hills, shade and nice restrooms. We were very delighted :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hockey Update

Playoffs are starting tomorrow! Pardubice (2nd in the Czech League) will play against Trinec (6th in the Czech League) in the 1st round. The quarterfinals begin on Tuesday Mar 16th. I can't wait! GO-PARDUBICE-GO!!!! Good luck babe ♥

1st Round Schedule:
Home - Mar 16, Mar 17
Away - Mar 20, Mar 21