Monday, March 29, 2010

Peyton's Day!

My little pony cake ~ so nice & yummy...
Peyton blowing her candles!!!
The kiddos :)
The extravaganza in the backyard!
Riley in her gorgeous handmade pillow case dress in the playroom.
Sarah's blue raspberry tong after eating Airheads lol!!!

Turning 5 is serious stuff... Look at these pics. On Saturday, I spent a nice sunny day celebrating Peyton. These kids are such a joy!! Kim threw a fun party. I sort of eat up traditions and love that I've been around these sweet kiddos for several months now... It was a great time!


Owen's Mom said...

Wow!! What a beautiful cake, looks like something from 'The Cake Boss' :)
I also love Peyton's name. If we had a girl, that was one of the top names on our 'girl list' :)
Looks like the kids (little and big ones) had a great day.

Monique said...

The cake was as good as it looked!!! Super moist. I remember you say you liked Peyton :)

Meant to be a mom said...

How fun, I love the cake. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. It looks like she did.