Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday March 1st.... Finally, the glorious sunshine!!! I love it. Shadow and I walked around the neighborhood. It was really fun to feel that warm sun on my face :) This weekend marked the kick-off to "Bike Week". I will try to take pics for you all. Adam brought my camera back to Czech Republic so the crummy phone pics will have to do!


Anonymous said...

Yes, take lots of pics for my Dad!
Love T

Anonymous said...

I bought a new laptop (a while ago) and your blog address was on my old one, and to be quite honest I was a little too lazy to look it up :( But I'm here NOW and I've read through all the posts that I missed - I'm happy to be back, I missed your little blurbs.

I'm so proud of the way you have handled being in Florida without Adam this winter - you're one strong and amazing woman, that's for sure!!!


Monique said...

Tracey, I'll def try to take lots... They are everywhere but the weather hasn't been great for the bikers. It's cold and it rains alot.. Blahhh!

Welcome back Angie! Thank you... I must admit that this journey with Adam being in Czech has not been fun but we are getting it done! We absolutely can't wait to be together again. Owen it simply adorable! Hope you are doing well!