Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Locker

It's game day... In only a few hours, I will be watching Adam play! Thought I'd show you the Pardubice locker room. While Adam and Shadow played, I got caught up on laundry (our washer was not working - but since got a new one!!).

So this is Adam's spot!
A full view of the locker room.

Shadow playing ball...of course :)

She is tired from all the running around.

A few pics of the rink.

Yes, I'm freezin'....!

Well, that's your sneak peek. Go-Pardubice-Go!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cold

My poor husband has been sick with a cold and look who's been taking care of him, Shadow! I'm kidding lol! I stuck by Adam's side the whole time (Not to mention the countless trips to the kitchen for juice, etc.. that I made for him over the weekend haha! and just hanging out with him when he felt miserable). I could tell he was thankful. I would have done anything for him cuz I hate to see him sick. Today, he's starting to feel like a new person. Not 100% but better! Yay!!

Adam taking his very 1st nap with Shadow back in 2008!! So cute :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Cleaning

If you've been following my blog, you know that we're in Czech Republic for my husband's hockey season. In our apartment, I don't really need to do a big "fall cleaning" cuz it's small and we didn't bring much of our personal stuff. My closet is tiny, not kidding you.. But I still wanted to join House of Grace for her fall cleaning segment. Bonnie has amazing cleaning tips and products!! I'm a little late linking up but better than never, right?!

So, I thought I'd show you how I vacuum my dog Shadow lol!!! I started this when she was only 10 weeks old so she got use to it. Now, she loves it! I'm in a constant battle to capture all the dog hair in our apt every day *OCD* haha! It seems that when I vacuum Shadow, it removes most of the hair before it spreads to the floor and furniture. Along with removing excess hair from her coat, it makes her more comfortable. Win ~ Win!

Isn't she cute :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fashion ~ Deux!

Here are a few more styles I'm seeing around town. Stores such as re-Reserved and C&A have such great outfits in their window displays! Enjoy and have a great weekend :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stores & More in Prague

Prague is a city known for it's gorgeous and historic architecture. However, you can get sidetracked with a few of their stores!! This picture is known as "Les Dames de Prague". So puuurty!

Loving these Pashmina scarves. This is where I let you know it's okay to keep cash right in your hand. They are super inexpensive, colorful and good quality!

Fedora, Fedora, Fedora all over... Jolene, this pic is for you :)

Never have these ?? (not even sure what they're called) been displayed so chicly.

Looking oh-so-cute, marionettes are very popular in Prague. You can find them in so many stores.

The Italian fashion label PRADA store

Hurray for finding a cute Starbucks Coffee shop in Prague!!

Louis Vuitton ~ expensive clothes..

New Yorker ~ cheap clothes..

For the love of MAC

My husband is obsessed with watches. He has a collection and loves them. His absolute favorite watch of all time is the Breitling.

Love -xXx- Dior

H&M along with Sephora

A little repetitive...

Ummmm, someone please tell this doggy she's one lucky girl! Shadow running and playing is one of the highlights of our day. We find ourvelves going to the soccer field quite a bit.
The sprinklers were on cuz of this nice warm weather we've been getting. Shadow got sprayed a few times lol!!!
Look at the hubs in the backgrounds..HA! Clown!

She's done, tired and lays in the shade. What a girl!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A fall day spent in Prague

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. I'm sure that in a few months I'll be missing the Florida sun! So, I have lots of randomness on my camera's memory card that I might need to blog twice daily to catch up! Here's another day spent in Prague and Yup! I'm wearing white jeans after labor day. Rachel Zoe would say.... SO PASSE!

This sweet little treat called the Trdelnik is very popular in Czech Republic. I see them all over the place. I've yet to buy one but they look so delissshh!

Totally not paying attention to my husband and day-dreamin' lol!!
*snap out of it*

Found the Zara in Prague a little too late. They locked the doors as I was walking up the stairs.

Found it interesting how people hung out on this statut?!

Not quite sure what this is...? But behind those gates is an amazing mansion of some sort. It's sooo gorgeous. The guard moved over so I could take a picture.

The National Museum located in Wesceslas Square, Prague!

Abby's Tongue Tie

Today is a BIG day for my goddaughter (see post). Wishing her lots of good vibes and no pain! Can't wait to hear how it went for this sweet little beanie girl. Isn't she stinkin' cute in her leopard onesie!
Adorable SHEEEESH!!!

Picture Source ~ Hijacked from April's blog =)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Season Opener!

This weekend, I went to the season opener ~ t'was fun!! There was a raft of activities and the Championship Cup was also there which my husband's team won last season! I know, a little corny that I get my picture taken with it alone *lol* but that's what the hubs worked so hard for last year :)

The digital show car kept playing clips from last season when the team won the cup.

I'm really early so there isn't that much people here yet but it got packed!

TVs inside the tent playing all kinds of clips ~ Notice the gentlemen sitting down wearing Adam's jersey #35 :)

Pardubice fans are Aaaaaamazing!!! Hats off to them!

The crowd is rolling in....
The hubs warming up (video)
The team is playing for a full house, so the atmosphere was unreal. The fans bring the best energy EVER.
During the game. Go #35 Go!!

Adam with his buddy Jeff Jillson #34!

At the end of the game, fans throw waffer bars on the ice. I asked about this and I guess it's a ritual!

Hurray!!! Pardubice won 3-1!!! (video)

The team saying "Thank You" to the fans! (Video)

Seeing a hockey game live is so much more fun than watching it on internet.
Happy I'm here this year!!!