Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stores & More in Prague

Prague is a city known for it's gorgeous and historic architecture. However, you can get sidetracked with a few of their stores!! This picture is known as "Les Dames de Prague". So puuurty!

Loving these Pashmina scarves. This is where I let you know it's okay to keep cash right in your hand. They are super inexpensive, colorful and good quality!

Fedora, Fedora, Fedora all over... Jolene, this pic is for you :)

Never have these ?? (not even sure what they're called) been displayed so chicly.

Looking oh-so-cute, marionettes are very popular in Prague. You can find them in so many stores.

The Italian fashion label PRADA store

Hurray for finding a cute Starbucks Coffee shop in Prague!!

Louis Vuitton ~ expensive clothes..

New Yorker ~ cheap clothes..

For the love of MAC

My husband is obsessed with watches. He has a collection and loves them. His absolute favorite watch of all time is the Breitling.

Love -xXx- Dior

H&M along with Sephora


Zůza said...

those are called ,,babushka´´, at least in Czech it sounds this way and they're tradition Russian stuff; btw I don't get why do they display 'em this weirdly

in every case, this post made me feel even more excited about my Monday's Prague trip, thanks ♥

Mama M. said...

And all this time I thought a "babushka" was a hat!!

Oh, how I would love to step foot in Prada. Just to say I'd been there. Did you go in? Is it dreamy? They'd probably kick me out at the door. ;)

Michaela said...

I don't really get why the sell babushkas on every corner in Prague. I mean... it's Russian. What's the point in selling it here? :) They're lovely though.

I've always wanted to sneak into Dior, Prada or Louis Vuitton... if only I could be invisible. I would never dare to set my foot in there haha. It's like a totally different world :)

Gisselle said...

When we have our girly trip to Prague that's where were going..Prada, LV, Dior and everywhere else! Yup! be prepared to shop ha ha ha!

3ate4 said...

The architecture does make them all more appealing!

Anonymous said...

Doll is properly called "Matryoshka"

Tales of a young mamma said...

Ah how I love european architecture. And a Sephora and H&M in the same place?? I would be in Trouble.

April said...

Love "Les Dames de Prague" and the music on them!