Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Cold

My poor husband has been sick with a cold and look who's been taking care of him, Shadow! I'm kidding lol! I stuck by Adam's side the whole time (Not to mention the countless trips to the kitchen for juice, etc.. that I made for him over the weekend haha! and just hanging out with him when he felt miserable). I could tell he was thankful. I would have done anything for him cuz I hate to see him sick. Today, he's starting to feel like a new person. Not 100% but better! Yay!!

Adam taking his very 1st nap with Shadow back in 2008!! So cute :)


April said...

So cute! haha Shadow is even in the same position! Hope you don't get sick too!

Michaela said...

I am falling in love with Shadow :)

June & Jim said...

This explains why Adam wasn't in the lineup the last game. Hope the kid is feeling better.

Laura said...

yuck! Hope he is feeling better!!!... poor guy.. But, atleast he allowed you to take pics of him to put on your blog haha!

Monique said...

I know April, this pic in the same exact position but wasn't planned! Just happened that way.

Thanks Michaela!! Shadow is a fun doggy.

Bales, Adam does feel better ~ yay!!

Laura, I do however run all the pictures I upload on my blog by Adam first :)