Monday, September 20, 2010

Season Opener!

This weekend, I went to the season opener ~ t'was fun!! There was a raft of activities and the Championship Cup was also there which my husband's team won last season! I know, a little corny that I get my picture taken with it alone *lol* but that's what the hubs worked so hard for last year :)

The digital show car kept playing clips from last season when the team won the cup.

I'm really early so there isn't that much people here yet but it got packed!

TVs inside the tent playing all kinds of clips ~ Notice the gentlemen sitting down wearing Adam's jersey #35 :)

Pardubice fans are Aaaaaamazing!!! Hats off to them!

The crowd is rolling in....
The hubs warming up (video)
The team is playing for a full house, so the atmosphere was unreal. The fans bring the best energy EVER.
During the game. Go #35 Go!!

Adam with his buddy Jeff Jillson #34!

At the end of the game, fans throw waffer bars on the ice. I asked about this and I guess it's a ritual!

Hurray!!! Pardubice won 3-1!!! (video)

The team saying "Thank You" to the fans! (Video)

Seeing a hockey game live is so much more fun than watching it on internet.
Happy I'm here this year!!!


Michaela said...

It was a great game. Amazing energy as well. I lost my voice that night haha. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Wish we were there...Go P-No Go!
T & A

Angie said...

Hooray for the win!!!! Go Adam Go!!!! I'm so happy that you're there as well, last year really sucked for you guys :(

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Monique. Can't wait to meet you when I come visit Gissy. I heard you might join us in Paris for the Wedding dress reveal. how fun!


The Conway's said...

That's so neat! You should be so're married to a CELEBRITY!

Anonymous said...

As one of fans, have to say thank You for your kind words.

That bars what we throw on ice is ginger bread and yes, it's ritual, it has something to do with the thing that ginger bread is typical for Pardubice. They always put it in big plastic bags and then some children's home get it.

Petra CZ

Monique said...

Michaela, I'm sure you lost your voice. It's like you can't help yourself from joining the screaming!

Angie, you have no idea how happy I am to be with my man this year =)

Anna, I'm looking forward to meeting you also! Paris would be unreal for such an amazing reveal! Gissy will be GORGeous..

Txs Petra for the info!

Vojtech said...

Nice photos and videos from outside the rink and the upper tier as well. You have captured the atmosphere at the rink very well! It was such a great season opener, I'm sure you must have enjoyed it.

I was so glad to see you inside the tent. It was really funny, thank you! :)


Anonymous said...

If You want to connect with atmosphere more, as You go buying groceries, buy thing called "pernĂ­k" it's that ginger bread we throw on ice, and you can throw on Your own! :)

... or come to visit us noise-making fans on the south tribune... ;)

Petra CZ

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like it was a great game!!! Congrats on the win!

Gisselle said...

Awww Moni, thanks! It will be fun plus doesn't watching Gossip Girl in Paris make you want to go even more ha ha. I could use all the girl support possible for this huge event. eeeek ha

Monique said...

Vojtech, it was nice to meet you! Hope you had a fantastic time at the game.

Petra, you never know... I might just do that :)

Gissy, you have no idea how Gossip Girl is totally setting the mood for Paris *drool* lol!! The dress will be out-of-this-world, I have no doubt ;)

DigitalMouse said...

Season opener was awesome,we've been next to the car in the corner, good game, good atmosphere and fun :)

I ask you: why you've not been behind the home bench? I've thought there is a places for player's wives.

I hope you enjoyed the game and all around. And because of this blog, you will know everything about team and fans soon, i think :))

Have a nice day and sorry for my english (i'll try to improve it) :)