Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A fall day spent in Prague

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. I'm sure that in a few months I'll be missing the Florida sun oh.so.much! So, I have lots of randomness on my camera's memory card that I might need to blog twice daily to catch up! Here's another day spent in Prague and Yup! I'm wearing white jeans after labor day. Rachel Zoe would say.... SO PASSE!

This sweet little treat called the Trdelnik is very popular in Czech Republic. I see them all over the place. I've yet to buy one but they look so delissshh!

Totally not paying attention to my husband and day-dreamin' lol!!
*snap out of it*

Found the Zara in Prague a little too late. They locked the doors as I was walking up the stairs.

Found it interesting how people hung out on this statut?!

Not quite sure what this is...? But behind those gates is an amazing mansion of some sort. It's sooo gorgeous. The guard moved over so I could take a picture.

The National Museum located in Wesceslas Square, Prague!


Michaela said...

Great photos again! You're so lucky you got to spend so much time in Prague already. I'm still trying to figure out when to go. Hopefully it will be before it's too cold outside :)

Vojtech said...

The sixth photo is the Clam-Gallas Palace, today it houses the Archives of Prague. On the grand portal there are two pairs of Hercules statues by Matthias Bernard Braun. ;)

Laura said...

so beautiful! :) yes, you and the city! haha. Those dessert thingys look tasty! it's about time you try one of those and let us know how they are! :) It's definitely fall here too.. and i miss the warmness. Oh well! Time for jeans and big sweaters!!

Mon Style du Jour said...

Love the city! I wanna go! And you make that outfit work! You look fab! xox

Charleston said...

very cultured x


Zůza said...

people hung on statue's an ordinary phenomenon, sometimes they even try to sit on the horse.. and yes, some of them has achieved their aim

P.S.:Trdelník's delicious, you won't regret if you try :)

April said...

Wow, everything is just so beautiful there! Definitely jealous!! Glad you guys get to spend so much time together this year :)

Tales of a young mamma said...

hi! I saw on a comment on http://mystilettosanddiapers.blogspot.com/ that you live abroad so I had to check your blog out! I love blogs about people living abroad (my fiance, son and I lived in Sweden for 7 months last year and I hope to move back) and I can't wait to read more!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh I love the fall! You guys are SO cute together!

Monique said...

Michaela, I'd spend every day off in Prague if I could. I love that city!!

Thank you Vojtech for clarifying the Clam-Gallas Palace!

Thanks Laura!! I'll def grab a Trdelník soon ;)

Jolene, you are more than welcome to come visit =)

Zuza, I can't believe they get on the horses!!!!! That's crazy!