Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hotel U Prince

So here we are on top of Hotel U Prince (Prague) in a very uncrowded setting. Such a gorgeous view up here...! Exploring this city was amazing and YES I'm still blogging about it. We quite literally discovered this restaurant while wandering around the hotel. We had no idea it was there, but Adam's new found attention to more of the hidden gems of the city drew him in.

The Hubs!! Old Town Square ~ Prague

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!!! Get it?! It's 5 o'clock on the tower behind Adam lol!!
Prague's Old Town Square is always bursting at the seams with tourists. I thought I'd give you a taste of it :)
Our time in Prague was so much fun. Getting to see all these historial sites and monuments was definitely a highlight! Adam and I had a long chunk of time together, and it was so nice not to feel rushed or hurried with our day trip!!


April said...

Wow! So beautiful and I couldn't be more jealous!! Haha love the 5 o'clock pic!

The Conway's said...

Looks like you are definitely enjoying yourself...I need an update on clothing :)
Do you recommend comfy shoes or cute shoes??
You look adorable in the black leather jackets and boots!!
I need pointers for our visit...I want to look cute. haha

chelsea said...

yup. ridiculously beautiful!

June & Jim said...

Thanks for taking us along. The skies and your garb tells me what's comin here, too. Keep the cameras rollin!

Monique said...

April... The 5 o'clock pic might become a ritual lol!

I will for sure blog about the fashion "the conway's". Soon! I'd recommend a pair of sneakers, a good pair of tall boots and a nice pair of heels. They wear lots of flats (Tory Burch style).

Laura said...

wow! :) that's sooo beautiful! I'm so glad everything is great there.. and you have so much siteseeing to do!