Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yay!! I'm soooo excited. Adam is coming home :) :) :) He's been in Moncton for the past week for a charity golf tournament. I missed him so much! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!

Yes...I'm blogging!

Where have I been? Sorry for the silence but I guess blogging hasn't been a high priority lately. But tonight I felt like sharing. So here's goes... Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with my gal Tracey. We had such a great visit!! I absolutely love the girl :) I will post pics soon.

A few great, wonderful things that I will need to catch up on:

~My friend Kristy had her baby and it was a beautiful little boy! Keaton Emerson Kling was born on Adam's birthday!!! We will never forget his bday ha ha. What a sweet miracle ~ simply gorgeous!

~Happy Birthday to my DAD on June 23rd!!! Hope you had a good one along with a fantastic supper. Love you xox

~Happy Birthday to my darling friend Jolene on June 16th!!! I hope you got spoiled Jo! Jolene is my "Sarah Jessica Parker" girl. She has such a passion and talent for fashion. Also on this day....Happy Birthday to Michael "Pickle" & Marc Robichaud. Hope you guys had a great day!

~Happy Birthday to my "memere". Grandma would have been 90 yrs old this year. She was burried 15 years ago. She was a woman with the most amazing qualities. When I was younger, I enjoyed giving her manicures xo.

~Happy Father's Day including my own and Raymond :)

~Happy Anniversay to Tracey & Aaron along with Michael & Michelle!!!

Lots of exciting things lately =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Bug

Today, I was at the dog park and for a second I thought I was loosing my mind, LOL.... I was annoyed as heck by something biting me but I couldn't actually see anything. Well, come to find out, they are called "Noseeum" (no-see-um). Tiny tiny flies = itchy bites :S

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Typhoon Lagoon

Adam is currently cooking breakfast sandwiches and then we will hit the road =) Typhoon Lagoon here we come!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They're here!

My girlfriend is here!!! Tracey and Aaron finally got here yesterday after several flight delays and missing their connection.....gotta love lightning :S Yesterday we hit the beach (of course), Tracey wanted to get that tan going. Today we are doing the "tourist thang" in Daytona Beach!
Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Yaaaaayyyy! I'm so darn excited. Will post pics soon!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


HUGE waves at the beach... The water is warm and the waves are fun! This week, we saw Florida manatees (sometimes known as sea cows). Pretty laid back marine mammals. Adam & Adam went night time fishing. Count me OUT haha. Adam actually caught one fish!

Law is their Journey!

Regular readers of Making memories of us are already familiar with my friend Angele Bilodeau. Those who are new to this Blog should know about this wonderful person. Today, she will officially be called to the bar!! This sounds so serious haha. Here's a little section of her blog: 
"A judge will call my name, read my biography out loud in the courtroom and accept my application to be a practicing lawyer in the province of Nova Scotia.  I will give my oath, in English and then in French and I will officially be admitted to the Nova Scotia Barristers Society.  I will then sign my name on the scroll which will forever hold my name –Angele LeBlanc Bilodeau, Attorney at Law. To make things even better, then my wonderful husband will go through the exact same steps, I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this special day with the man that means so much to me!!"

I can think of no better way to spend this Friday than to think about Angie & Myles ;) Congratulations!!!!!!!! You both inspire those of us who know and luv ya 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We saw "The Hangover" this past weekend. It's a must see LOL. We loved it!!! It's so darn funny and you absolutely can't predict what's gonna happen. Two thumbs up from the Pineault's! 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Downright Unforgettable.

TaaaaaDa ♪♫ Dinner served by both Adams'. What a great way to celebrate our 3 years together (June 4th)! I love my husband's outside the box thinking... he knows me so well, and knew that making an amazing memory like this would mean the world to me! Thanks babe ♥♥♥

Ok, so today we set off to enjoy an early movie! It's a rain why not :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drag Racing!

Drag racing is a very popular competition here. You can try it almost Adam did! His standing start, and right off in a straight line he goes. Just about a 1/4 mile long, races last between 3.0 and 5.0 seconds. Adam loved it haha :)


Yesterday, coming home from the dog park, look what wanted to cross the road!!!

June :)

It's currently GORGEOUS. Yeah, I'm inside, blogging... good timing, huh??? I'm taking a quick minute here to throw up a quick post on our latest & greatest.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grand-maman!!! This is the only pic I have on hand at the moment, so it will fit for this post perfectly :) May 25th was my grand-mother's birthday and I just wanted to wish her many more amazing & healthy years!!! J't'aime beaucoup. Gros bizou!
Hopefully soon, we shall be able to kick our feet up! I am looking for a coffee table that I like. Ok, so maybe not that soon, but at least I'm actively searching for an option other than the living room floor. YAY!!! I'm just excited for our home to look more and more "done." In the past few days, it's sort of had a rebirth (translation: I rearranged) and I'm a million times happier with it's "cozy factor." I just wasn't completely feeling it before. Once the coffee tables are in place, and a few other things, more pictures shall be taken. I promise. Hoooooray for baby steps to getting our home in order!
This is a shot from a few weeks ago. A bad rain storm blew into Florida. We had to turn back, but it's all good now! Shadow couldn't understand why her path was floaded with water haha.
It didn't take too long before I'd cut my hair back up to my shoulders, and decided that suited me best ;)
Well, have a great June and enjoy SUMMER!!! It's actually here (for how long, who knows)... got up to almost 90 today! Yesssss!


Adam and I are wishing we were out in Holyoke this week helping all the family celebrate Ashley's (Adam's sister) graduation from high school -- congrats Ash!!! Have a wonderful time kiddo xo