Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes...I'm blogging!

Where have I been? Sorry for the silence but I guess blogging hasn't been a high priority lately. But tonight I felt like sharing. So here's goes... Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with my gal Tracey. We had such a great visit!! I absolutely love the girl :) I will post pics soon.

A few great, wonderful things that I will need to catch up on:

~My friend Kristy had her baby and it was a beautiful little boy! Keaton Emerson Kling was born on Adam's birthday!!! We will never forget his bday ha ha. What a sweet miracle ~ simply gorgeous!

~Happy Birthday to my DAD on June 23rd!!! Hope you had a good one along with a fantastic supper. Love you xox

~Happy Birthday to my darling friend Jolene on June 16th!!! I hope you got spoiled Jo! Jolene is my "Sarah Jessica Parker" girl. She has such a passion and talent for fashion. Also on this day....Happy Birthday to Michael "Pickle" & Marc Robichaud. Hope you guys had a great day!

~Happy Birthday to my "memere". Grandma would have been 90 yrs old this year. She was burried 15 years ago. She was a woman with the most amazing qualities. When I was younger, I enjoyed giving her manicures xo.

~Happy Father's Day including my own and Raymond :)

~Happy Anniversay to Tracey & Aaron along with Michael & Michelle!!!

Lots of exciting things lately =)

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