Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June :)

It's currently GORGEOUS. Yeah, I'm inside, blogging... good timing, huh??? I'm taking a quick minute here to throw up a quick post on our latest & greatest.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grand-maman!!! This is the only pic I have on hand at the moment, so it will fit for this post perfectly :) May 25th was my grand-mother's birthday and I just wanted to wish her many more amazing & healthy years!!! J't'aime beaucoup. Gros bizou!
Hopefully soon, we shall be able to kick our feet up! I am looking for a coffee table that I like. Ok, so maybe not that soon, but at least I'm actively searching for an option other than the living room floor. YAY!!! I'm just excited for our home to look more and more "done." In the past few days, it's sort of had a rebirth (translation: I rearranged) and I'm a million times happier with it's "cozy factor." I just wasn't completely feeling it before. Once the coffee tables are in place, and a few other things, more pictures shall be taken. I promise. Hoooooray for baby steps to getting our home in order!
This is a shot from a few weeks ago. A bad rain storm blew into Florida. We had to turn back, but it's all good now! Shadow couldn't understand why her path was floaded with water haha.
It didn't take too long before I'd cut my hair back up to my shoulders, and decided that suited me best ;)
Well, have a great June and enjoy SUMMER!!! It's actually here (for how long, who knows)... got up to almost 90 today! Yesssss!


linda said...
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linda said...

I just love you hair cut. Looks very good.
Miss you a lot

Anonymous said...

Love the hair!