Saturday, June 6, 2009

Downright Unforgettable.

TaaaaaDa ♪♫ Dinner served by both Adams'. What a great way to celebrate our 3 years together (June 4th)! I love my husband's outside the box thinking... he knows me so well, and knew that making an amazing memory like this would mean the world to me! Thanks babe ♥♥♥

Ok, so today we set off to enjoy an early movie! It's a rain why not :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl... I'm going to use my blog again since I deleted my Facebook for a while. Here is my address:

Let's hope I keep us as well as you have :)

Hope you are enjoying your time in the new house and I can't wait to see more pics!! :)


Anonymous said...

... that should read "Let's hope I keep UP as well as you have :) "

Darn type-o's