Friday, June 12, 2009

Law is their Journey!

Regular readers of Making memories of us are already familiar with my friend Angele Bilodeau. Those who are new to this Blog should know about this wonderful person. Today, she will officially be called to the bar!! This sounds so serious haha. Here's a little section of her blog: 
"A judge will call my name, read my biography out loud in the courtroom and accept my application to be a practicing lawyer in the province of Nova Scotia.  I will give my oath, in English and then in French and I will officially be admitted to the Nova Scotia Barristers Society.  I will then sign my name on the scroll which will forever hold my name –Angele LeBlanc Bilodeau, Attorney at Law. To make things even better, then my wonderful husband will go through the exact same steps, I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this special day with the man that means so much to me!!"

I can think of no better way to spend this Friday than to think about Angie & Myles ;) Congratulations!!!!!!!! You both inspire those of us who know and luv ya 

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