Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Randomness...

I just got back from Dunkin Donuts! It's awesome because on the back of all Ice Hog tickets, you will find a FREE coffee... So I haven't paid for a coffee since I've been here :)

It was fondue night at the Crawford's for Adam and I last week. Soooooo good! They introduced us to a new game which we enjoyed called "Apples to Apples". Each player is dealt seven "red apple" cards; on each is printed a noun such as "Canada". The judge (a chosen player) draws a "green apple" card on which is printed an adjective ("scary", "frightening", "patriotic", etc.), and places it face-up on the table for everybody to see. Then each player (except the judge) chooses a card that they think is the best match for the green apple card, and places it face-down. The judge shuffles the red apple cards, reads them (often aloud), and decides which noun is the best match for the adjective. The winner is the first player to accumulate a pre-designated number of green apple cards. I LOVED this game!!!!! Try it.

Tonight, I am hosting a bachelorette celebration for one of the girls. Better get crackin' Happy Saturday!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Talks with Adam... Last night, we discussed a game plan for Florida. Actually, there are a few possibilities however so far I might go down with Shadow in 13 days!!!!!! We are itching to start ordering furniture, decorating and making it "home". It's getting reallllly close :)

Boy do I have plans for it... (mwhahahaha) We've been browsing online for furniture until our eyes rolled back in our heads. We're overwhelmed, but totally excited too. It's so cool to sort of see it start to come together (in concept). The above picture is our kitchen table!! Here are some ideas:

We are not quite seeing eye-to-eye on a sofa LOL! I kid, I kid...It's not bad. We know we don't want leather (since we are in Florida), we both want a beige type color (a little darker than the above pic) and we really like a "Right-Arm Chaise". Now, we just need to find it!!!

Love this idea for the master bedroom!

To wrap it up, those are some fun ideas that are part of the big idea cloud over our heads. Lots of things to love. I am just so in love with the idea of a southern sunny summer home... it's perfect for this house. So, that about covers it for tonight's blog. When I will be in the house, it will be much easier to start imagining our stuff in it's place. Can't wait to be there in person :) :) :) Signing off.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a boy!!!!!

He's here. Welcome to baby Jansen Patrick Guitard!!!!! Oh man, I can't wait to hold him. Thank you Errol for emailing Adam these pics which I stole for my blog ;) Penny did awesome and I'll hopefully get to chat with her in a couple of days! Yay!!!

What an amazing week in the life of the Guitard's!! Penny had her sweet baby BOY March 21st just after midnight! He weighed in at 8lbs, 8oz. We are so excited to meet this little boy....and see him grow into the dark haired beauty that he will be.... Jansen shares his birthday with his Nanny Guitard, so speacial. Congratulations to the Guitard's!!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Really....where does time go??

How can it be 10 days since my last blog?!?

The regular hockey season is wrapping up soon. Adam's team isn't quite sure to make playoffs yet but they are hoping! We got an email from our friends Mr. & Mrs Bales who ended up in New Smryna Beach!!! Yes, they got to see our new place :) June, thank you so much for picking up the newspapers that were thrown in our driveway!! They told us we have some much needed watering to do. A little pray for our shrubs....hope you survive till I get there.....SOON!

Shadow and I going for a drive :)
Shadow loosing her baby teeth
Last night I was lying awake from 2-4am ~ seems to be a common occurance these days... what the what?! Tonight, I'm going to bed with a pen and paper. Gonna write down what's keeping me up and rolling through my thoughts! Well, actually, I've been decorating, decorating, decorating LOL. I love keeping up with my friends who have blogs. A shoutout to Cheralyn....Your blog is rockin'!! The kids are so darn cute. We miss you guys ;) Well, that's all for tonight. Listening to Adam's game. Have a good night!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Short n Sweet

With this new website ( that I'm so addicted to, it takes me a little longer to get around to blogging. I thought I'd at least pop up and say hello... and for your viewing pleasure, here is a pic taken yesterday in Chicago. Oprah!!!!

Kelsey is here visiting. We've not stopped LOL go-go-go... There are some opportunities in life that are impossible to pass up. Those that give way to memories you'll always savor and cherish. We just had 8 hours of just that... We spent the day in downtown Chicago yesterday doing the "tourist-thang" = lots of sightseeing such as Oprah, U of C, ABC studios, Millinium Park, Oz Park, theaters and last but not least, shopping ;) It was just perfect!
I've been slacking on the house udpates. Get your primer on....NOT! We have decided to keep the red wall and see how it treats us HA! But the lime green in the guest bedroom......bye bye! Thinking of a grey/blue for that room. We've made a purchase!! A plasma TV for the living room wall. Youpee!

Over and out!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I know!!! I've been slacking. So here ya go, a mini-update (of what's going on). Confession: I actually have been spending time on twitter. Oups! It's addictive.

Out-of-order :(

Let me start by telling you a not so funny story. Some mornings I c-r-a-v-e coffee more than other mornings. Well today, it just couldn't brew fast enough! But all of a started beeping. I look over from the dining room table (where I blog) and see a mere 2 cups!!!!! WHAT...That's it! Broken! Done! Caapoouuuttes! I wanted 6 cups. What to do?!? Argggh! But I'm ok. HA!

What was brewing in my broken coffee maker this morning? Raspberry Chocolate! So good. I'm obesessed with Community Coffee. We (I) got a full box of it for Christmas from the Healy's. The company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So far, my favorite CC flavors are Dutch Chocolate Almondine and Almond Amaretto. HEAVEN! Try it. Only $1.50 for trial sizes. Enjoy!

Shadow's friend Drakos ~ 120lbs German Shepher/Lab mix

Kelsey flies in tomorrow afternoon!!! We will finally get to enjoy the long-awaited visit that we had to reschedule after Adam's trade to Chicago. Thankfully Kels is one of the most flexible people I've ever met, and doesn't sweat this kind of thing. What a gift!

I made a Shutterfly calendar and this is March 2009

Anyway, that's the latest on me... :) Adam and I took it really easy last night, which was really nice. This weekend is the annual Monique/Kelsey Girls get together and I'm really looking forward to it! That's it for now... have a good Friday!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a twitter

My "twitter" profile picture

As if I needed, yet again, another website to follow!?!?! I just created a profile on I'm such a sucker for this LOL :) On twitter you exchange quickly and frequently answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In case you didn't know...

...Kim & James are getting married in LAAAAS VEEEEGAS on the 7th of March! I just talked to Kim (my cousin). They are currently in Halifax and have a 6am flight!! She said they are SO sooo excited!!!!!
It's bachelor/bachelorette Thurday night and getting married Saturday. Yaaaay! They ended up deciding on the "Strip Wedding in the Escalade Limo".

Whatever the time of year, Vegas offers beautiful settings ~ I'm not bias or anything LOL. Looking forward to seeing pictures guys. Enjoy every precious moments :) :) :)
Cheers xo

A family with a bond so tight :)

We found out in May 2007 that my cousin's daugther, Myriam, had cancer. She has endured countless rounds of treatments and is fighting this heart and soul. Today, my thoughts and prayers are with them as it's "results day". This beautiful little girl and ray-of-sunshine has been fighting cancer for the past 20 months.

Myriam always illuminates a room

Being a pre-teen can be challenging without cancer stepping in. Myriam's cancer creeped in through the back door just counting on a win. Engaging her in a battle she firmly stands her ground. Myriam is armed with courage, strength, faith and hope...and we surround her! This fight rages day and night. Her will to survive is so strong, she will never surrender. In her life, you don't belong. Myriam you are my hero!! Continue ma belle xox

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's exciting!

Our friends from Westbrook CT, Shauna Zajac & Michael Panella, are engaged!!!! The wedding will be on October 3, 2009 so 214 days to go! Great work on your wedding website Shauna. I didn't realize that you've been together a whomping 8 years. Woohoo! We miss you guys.

So crazy that it won't be long now... Penny is almost ready to pop!! Unfortunately, we've not been able to spend time with P&E during Penny's pregnancy. It's such a cool time in their lives, and a bummer to miss out on the "in-person" anticipation. Oh! and the agony that comes with not knowing if it's a boy or girl... ahhh! :) as she approaches the final days of this pregnancy. I'm sure she looks great, and I can hardly stand it not having a preggers pic of her to post on my blog...hint hint! We want to know so badly if it's a boy or girl. We are really excited for our next trip down when we can finally meet your little bundle of joy. We miss you. Good luck!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little more bloggin'

So, 3 days remain before the 3 p.m. deadline on March 4. The Chicago Blackhawks are browsing and will most likely make a purchase at the NHL trade deadline. They're looking for a center. Who they acquire?!?! We will have to see...

Angie, this is what I wrote on my blog which feels like years ago, "Angie congrats for the almost-sale-of-your-condo" LOL isn't that funny.

Above is a picture of Pee-Wee, our family dog when I was growing up. A beautiful German Shepherd! I wonder is Shadow will look like Pee-Wee?!? I remember 25 yrs ago, arriving to Beresford New Brunswick for Christmas and letting the dog out of our truck.....Pee-Wee had opened all our gifts LOL (wasn't so funny at the time) ha!

I'm off to finish my lasagna......Surprise Adam, your favorite meal!!!

Lazy Sunday

I ♥ this picture!!!

I just saw the date. March 1st, 2009. YIKES!! February where did you go?!? Adam is coming home tonight. Yay! He was in Texas. I'm so excited because now he won't be able to brag how hot it is down there haha! Rockford has been sunny but coooooold. I recently uploaded pictures on Let me know if it doesn't work. As always, just like that it's over. A great weekend that consisted of really great catch up time with the girls!!

We made the "" website!! Check it out...

What was waiting in the ol' mailbox for me? Pictures!!! Gakuji continues to be just about the cutest thing ever! Thanks Carl for sending these pictures - Japan in February.

My cousin Carl and his son (We miss you!!!!)

Carl feeding the fish with Gakuji

A day at the park :) :) :) Cute!