Friday, March 20, 2009

Really....where does time go??

How can it be 10 days since my last blog?!?

The regular hockey season is wrapping up soon. Adam's team isn't quite sure to make playoffs yet but they are hoping! We got an email from our friends Mr. & Mrs Bales who ended up in New Smryna Beach!!! Yes, they got to see our new place :) June, thank you so much for picking up the newspapers that were thrown in our driveway!! They told us we have some much needed watering to do. A little pray for our shrubs....hope you survive till I get there.....SOON!

Shadow and I going for a drive :)
Shadow loosing her baby teeth
Last night I was lying awake from 2-4am ~ seems to be a common occurance these days... what the what?! Tonight, I'm going to bed with a pen and paper. Gonna write down what's keeping me up and rolling through my thoughts! Well, actually, I've been decorating, decorating, decorating LOL. I love keeping up with my friends who have blogs. A shoutout to Cheralyn....Your blog is rockin'!! The kids are so darn cute. We miss you guys ;) Well, that's all for tonight. Listening to Adam's game. Have a good night!

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