Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Short n Sweet

With this new website (twitter.com) that I'm so addicted to, it takes me a little longer to get around to blogging. I thought I'd at least pop up and say hello... and for your viewing pleasure, here is a pic taken yesterday in Chicago. Oprah!!!!

Kelsey is here visiting. We've not stopped LOL go-go-go... There are some opportunities in life that are impossible to pass up. Those that give way to memories you'll always savor and cherish. We just had 8 hours of just that... We spent the day in downtown Chicago yesterday doing the "tourist-thang" = lots of sightseeing such as Oprah, U of C, ABC studios, Millinium Park, Oz Park, theaters and last but not least, shopping ;) It was just perfect!
I've been slacking on the house udpates. Get your primer on....NOT! We have decided to keep the red wall and see how it treats us HA! But the lime green in the guest bedroom......bye bye! Thinking of a grey/blue for that room. We've made a purchase!! A plasma TV for the living room wall. Youpee!

Over and out!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha...now you've got me stuck on Twitter too! Have to get my updates somehow. Chat soon!
Love T