Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Randomness...

I just got back from Dunkin Donuts! It's awesome because on the back of all Ice Hog tickets, you will find a FREE coffee... So I haven't paid for a coffee since I've been here :)

It was fondue night at the Crawford's for Adam and I last week. Soooooo good! They introduced us to a new game which we enjoyed called "Apples to Apples". Each player is dealt seven "red apple" cards; on each is printed a noun such as "Canada". The judge (a chosen player) draws a "green apple" card on which is printed an adjective ("scary", "frightening", "patriotic", etc.), and places it face-up on the table for everybody to see. Then each player (except the judge) chooses a card that they think is the best match for the green apple card, and places it face-down. The judge shuffles the red apple cards, reads them (often aloud), and decides which noun is the best match for the adjective. The winner is the first player to accumulate a pre-designated number of green apple cards. I LOVED this game!!!!! Try it.

Tonight, I am hosting a bachelorette celebration for one of the girls. Better get crackin' Happy Saturday!!

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Anonymous said...

Free coffee...wootwoot!! Hope you had fun at the bachelorette party, let me know how it went. Spring is finally around the must be excited for Florida...are you still heading out soon? Keep me posted. Miss you tons & talk soon. Love Tracey