Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little more bloggin'

So, 3 days remain before the 3 p.m. deadline on March 4. The Chicago Blackhawks are browsing and will most likely make a purchase at the NHL trade deadline. They're looking for a center. Who they acquire?!?! We will have to see...

Angie, this is what I wrote on my blog which feels like years ago, "Angie congrats for the almost-sale-of-your-condo" LOL isn't that funny.

Above is a picture of Pee-Wee, our family dog when I was growing up. A beautiful German Shepherd! I wonder is Shadow will look like Pee-Wee?!? I remember 25 yrs ago, arriving to Beresford New Brunswick for Christmas and letting the dog out of our truck.....Pee-Wee had opened all our gifts LOL (wasn't so funny at the time) ha!

I'm off to finish my lasagna......Surprise Adam, your favorite meal!!!


Anonymous said...

Yummy....supper looks good!!! Thanks for the updates. I check for new blogs daily...I know, I really need to get a life but I can't help it..hehe.
Have a great week...welcome home Adam!
Miss you guys!
Love T & A

linda said...

I remember PeeWee was full of chocolate , he had found a feast....

Anonymous said...

Ohhh - I can't belive it's been 1 year since we sold the condo. The time flies by so fast, but at the same time, it feels like we've been in this house for a few years.

I'm happy to hear that you are doing well. I know, I know, I'm horrible with my blog... what can I say..LOL

I have to get ready for work, was hoping for a big storm this morning, but as usual, it cleared up :(

Have a fantastic day my friend!!!

Love ya, xoxoxox