Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Talks with Adam... Last night, we discussed a game plan for Florida. Actually, there are a few possibilities however so far I might go down with Shadow in 13 days!!!!!! We are itching to start ordering furniture, decorating and making it "home". It's getting reallllly close :)

Boy do I have plans for it... (mwhahahaha) We've been browsing online for furniture until our eyes rolled back in our heads. We're overwhelmed, but totally excited too. It's so cool to sort of see it start to come together (in concept). The above picture is our kitchen table!! Here are some ideas:

We are not quite seeing eye-to-eye on a sofa LOL! I kid, I kid...It's not bad. We know we don't want leather (since we are in Florida), we both want a beige type color (a little darker than the above pic) and we really like a "Right-Arm Chaise". Now, we just need to find it!!!

Love this idea for the master bedroom!

To wrap it up, those are some fun ideas that are part of the big idea cloud over our heads. Lots of things to love. I am just so in love with the idea of a southern sunny summer home... it's perfect for this house. So, that about covers it for tonight's blog. When I will be in the house, it will be much easier to start imagining our stuff in it's place. Can't wait to be there in person :) :) :) Signing off.

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Anonymous said...

Yay....a new blog....and house update...woohoo!! I'm soooo excited for you. Everything is going to look have awesome taste and I can't wait to see it all once you have applied your magic touch! 13 days is going to go by fast...too cool!
Love & miss you tons!