Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I ♥ this picture!!!

I just saw the date. March 1st, 2009. YIKES!! February where did you go?!? Adam is coming home tonight. Yay! He was in Texas. I'm so excited because now he won't be able to brag how hot it is down there haha! Rockford has been sunny but coooooold. I recently uploaded pictures on Let me know if it doesn't work. As always, just like that it's over. A great weekend that consisted of really great catch up time with the girls!!

We made the "" website!! Check it out...

What was waiting in the ol' mailbox for me? Pictures!!! Gakuji continues to be just about the cutest thing ever! Thanks Carl for sending these pictures - Japan in February.

My cousin Carl and his son (We miss you!!!!)

Carl feeding the fish with Gakuji

A day at the park :) :) :) Cute!

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