Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Apartment!

Adam and I have moved SO MANY times, it's ridiculous. Our house in Florida is our "owned home". But when hockey season comes around, we move. I was asked to give you a tour of our apartment in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Here it is...!

The first picture is the view of our cute (little) kitchen. I will keep appliances for a post all on it's own. Trust me, you will want to see my dishwasher, washer and fridge. HA! Anywho, there isn't a lot of storage space, as you can see. But, we make it work. We do NOT have an over..! Who knows how that will work out come Thanksgiving and Christmas lol!

Living Room/Dining Area
The next two shots give you a view of our living room, desk; tucked in the far left corner - where I blog :) and the dining room table. Doesn't the furniture remind you of IKEA?!

Shadow and I having a heart to heart haha!

The loft area upstairs has only a few beds in it. We never go up there. There is plenty of sunlight that comes throught those windows.
Shadow is wondering what I'm doing in the loft haha! She started funny!
Spare Bedroom
This is our space room. The bed does make 2 beds which is nice if we have company stay with us... Hint Hint all your "would-love-to-come-visit" friends!

Different angle of the spare room

I am still in our spare room trying to show you something... That doorway is our master bedroom, so that means we have to walk through the spare room to get to our room. So different, right?! But, it's ok.

Master Bedroom
This room is our bedroom.

We enter our apt using that door at the end of the yellow hall. The far left door is our toilet room and the next door is our shower room. Yes, they are separate and I will spare you the picture.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the apartment we will live in this hockey season!!


Laura said...

Your alls apt is SUPER CUTE!!- but so weird you have to go through the spare room to get to the master? haha.. and no OVEN!? my goodness.. we attempted last year in Russia without a microwave and that was liveable but not fun :).. maybe you can get one of those toaster oven things? I'm looking forward to seeing how all the appliances look :).. oh living in another country and the culture shock.. haha

linda said...

So glad I can now picture yu when I think of you in the apt. Hope you are too lost in another country. I know you will make the best of it . Keep those pictures coming. I just love them and appreciate them all. I'm sure you will do fine in the new place .Miss you a lot . xoxoxox Love you big big big time.MOM&MIL

linda said...

I meant hope you are not TOO lost ,but I'm sure you got that already. I shoould reread before sending.

Angie said...

What a cute little place. I thought it would have been something a bit older looking. That place is great!! I'm sure it will be nice and cozy for you guys this season. Hey, at least your together, so I'm sure you would have stayed in a cardboard box and it would have been ok! :)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Your apartment is GORGEOUS!

J and A said...

Super cute~ Love the pic of you and shadow chatting!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Hopefully 2011 will bring new vacation/bonuses that will allow us to go visit & check it out. I didn't see a washing machine, you must be going crazy!
Love T

chelsea said...

The apt is so compact, clean, and cute! and I love your pup ;)

The Conway's said...

Super cute!! I love the's so European!
Shadow is going to love looking out that window every morning :)

Gisselle said...

We're gonna have to do Christmas & Thanksgiving at our place since we have an oven and more room. lol

Michaela said...

Super cute apt!!! You were lucky to find such a nice one here!! Gorgeous :)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

super cute and clean apartment! Love it!!!

Practically Perfect... said...

Loved the apartment tour! I think it's so fun to see a glimpse into people's lives :-) Thanks for sharing!

Mon Style du Jour said...

I love it! It's so cute and modern too! I may take you up on that invite! :P

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That is such a cute apartment!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That is such a cute apartment!!!!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I was just about to tell you that you have to meet my friend Laura who has a hockey lover too and lives in Sweden and then I clicked to comment and I see you know her!!

Love the blog & the new apt!! Very nice!! Im your newest follower!!

Monique said...

Thanks lovelies!! Yup, it will be our sweet lil home for the season :) Gissy, I will for sure take you up on that for the Holidays since you have an oven.