Friday, August 13, 2010

First time out!

I should have posted this Wednesday but seeing that we were all a bit jet lagged, I opted for sleep! This is our very first walk around town with Shadow. Like I said, I was tired so I only have 3 pictures to share... More to come :)

The temperature here is gorgeous. Not as stinkin' hot as Florida which I will most likely miss once it starts to get really REALLY cold here. But for now, it's just right! Were we live, we have everything at an arms lenght. I mean; bakeries, banks, meat shops, pharmacies, restaurants, clothing stores.. you name it, it's right around the corner!

Shadow and I posing by the water fountain. Our dog loves water and she was dying to jump in!!

Patios are very popular here. We can sit outside with our dog and it's not a problem at all. The hubs after his first day of practice enjoying the sun and a good meal. How they prepare and cook their food here is amazing. Everything is delicious and cheap!!



only three photos and im jealous already!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome updates! Glad you all made it safely. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!
Love T & A

linda said...

Merci pour les photos et les détails de votre voyage. Très contente que tout à bien été. C'est un moyen gros change pour vous autres.

Mon Style du Jour said...

You're gonna have such a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

I like your comments about everything at your fingetips, just around the corner. Loved Europe for that and wish it was more like that here, a sense of smaller community. Was that way once but corporate America/Ca.took over. Sad. but happy to see you are loving it so far. J & J