Friday, August 20, 2010

Week full of walks...

I've got history details coming out of my ears! Overall, it's been very interesting to learn about this beautiful city. Thankfully, Adam returns from Switzerland soon (so excited!) and we can continue to explore Pardubice together...!
The "Summer Cinema" is currently playing movies outside until the end of August.
Shadow and I decided to go through this trail. There was a nice flowery smell! Ahh!

To our surprise, we walked out from under this building lol!! Just had to take a picture.

Now this looks like European streets!! Only a skip and a hop away from our apt..

This boat is actually a restaurant & bar!

Came across this salon which sells good shampoo!! Now, if only I remember exactly how to get there lol!!!

The streets that Shadow and I walked through. So cute!

So many little details on buildings represent history (per below). Alois Jirasek (1851-1930) was a Czech novelist, playwright and politician.

Shadow after our lonnnng walk haha!!


Practically Perfect... said...

So gorgeous! I love the European streets! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! So happy for you that you are there this year to experience everything. Look forward to your updates everyday!
Love T

Michaela said...
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Michaela said...

I love your photos. I've been there a hundred times but I've never been able to capture the beauty of those streets like you did :)

June & Jim said...

So much to absorb. And we think a couple hundred years is long and you find something there that might be a thousand years old. Hard for N. Americans to fathom. We are the new savages. lol Just remember though, we aren't stupid because of this earth fact.

linda said...

OH! What a beautiful city indeed . Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Just be extra careful(mama!!!!). I know shadow is there for you. This place looks like it could be in a movie...Glad you are having fun. love and miss you all . xoxoxxo

Michal said...

Pardubice historical centre is awesome :)
Adam today two shorthanded goals, great!!

Mon Style du Jour said...

Loving your posts! Love you beaucoup! xox