Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Streets..

So, it's Thursday night. 11pm. I just came back from an evening walk with Shadow. It's gorgeous outside right now. Still plenty of lights on and people walking around! These past few days, Shadow and I have been exploring the city. There is plenty to see in Pardubice. I thought I'd throw up a few pictures of what the street seen looks like...!
With my girl!!!
Shadow relaxing....and people watching with me!
Check out this McDonald's... Not to shabby, right!

All these wires in the air are for the city bus system.

CSOB ~ A universal insurance company (huge building).

Holy Bartolomey Church constructed in the 14th century.

The red army memorial of liberation after the second world war. I'll get a close-up next time.
I haven't figured out what this building is yet?!

A bus stop in Pardubice.

You wouldn't believe the amount of pictures I've taken in one week. This could be dangerous lol!!!
Okay peeps, I'm heading to bed.
Night y'all.


Michal said...

"I haven't figured out what this building is yet?!" - Pardubice City Theater :)

Monique said...'s a city theater. Thank you!

Michal said...

Some infosites that may be interesting for you:


Angie said...

Great shots! I love seeing 'your' city! Is this all walking distance from where you're living or do you have a car there? Shadow is not allowed on the bus is she?? :)

Misty Michelle said...

You are so beautiful OMG!
Shadows a cutie too!!! ha ha

Michal said...
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Michal said...

Dogs are allowed in the bus with permission of the driver and they must have a muzzle (cage, clamp) - i don't know the right word for it ;-)

Monique said...

Yes, with a muzzle Shadow can come pretty much anywhere! When we go to Prague, we will take a train and our girl is coming with us!!

Monique said...

Angie, this is all walking distance - like two minutes walk. It's great living downtown. I love it!! We only drive to the big grocery store... Other than that, we don't use the car.