Monday, August 30, 2010


I thought it appropriate to start this post by telling you just how much I loved visiting Prague. Yesterday morning, we woke up to a gorgeous sunshine so Adam said: "We're heading to Prague today". I was ohhhhh so excited!

It will take me more than this post to tell you about my day in Prague. More to come after this one!

The departure board... It's all gibberish looking. Was happy that the hubs was with me. I kinda felt like I was in the Amazing Race trying to figure out what train to get on... lol!!!

We walked into the train and sat in the restaurant area to grab some breakfast and tea. We got a fantastic view of the surrounding cities on our way to Prague! We traveled by train cuz it's the cheapest way to get there.

The zooming view in the background!

We made it!! Finally, we get to see Prague together.

I am loving this city already!!!!!

It has so much to offer including food vendors. The aroma was delishhhh!

My lovely tour guide!

Adam and I in the "Old Town Square", Prague. Behind us is the "Church of Our Lady before Tyn" (below).
There is a constant stream of people going back and forth and I love to people watch!!

Narrow streets.

This is a fine example of the restaurants around Prague. Prague is known as "the-city-where-the-beer-is-cheaper-than-water"!

Well, like I said.. I love Prague! If you come to Czech Republic, or if you live here already, get yourself to Prague!


Michaela said...

I wanna go in September! Prague is my fav city!! :)

linda said...

Absolutely beautiful you guys...a little envious down here.will have to check on how many point it would take us to go see you.
Le frère de Gloria Daigle (épouse de Eugère Daigle(teacher) travaille à l'embasade de Prague pour quelque mois.You seem so happy. Always loves to catch up on your news.....

Zůza said...

,,like in the Amazing Race'' ♥

i can understand, even if i know what everything written there mean, i still get confused at the first time when i look at train schledule

and yes, Prague is one of the most wonderful cities all around the world :)

April said...

Every blog you do makes me want to go there more and more! Glad you are having such a great time so far!

The Conway's said...

We're moving to London for 6 weeks in March...will you still be there?
I'd love to see Prague and the Czech!

Angie said...

Wow, everything is SO gorgeous! (including you!) I always get really excited when I see that you posted something, I LOVE seeing Czech :)

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! Did you really need that jacket or was it for the sake of fashion?? Love you and miss you!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like it was a great time! I'm so jealous! I love Europe!

chelsea said...

fun! I studied abroad and always hoped to make it to Prague! Not yet, but definitely in the future ;)

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow, I love all the buildings along the road. What a great experience you guys are getting! I love all the pics, you two are such a pretty couple :)

3ate4 said...

Looks like you had a great time!