Friday, August 27, 2010

Bakery & Meat Shop

Today is icky outside. Raining! So I was looking through my pictures wondering what to blog about...?! Here are a few pictures of the bakery and meat shop were we get stuff to make lunch at only a few steps away from our apt.

This is the bakery.

This is the meat shop.



Even cobblestone sidewalks!!! Can it get more perfect! It looks so crisp and clean and allergy free!! I might have to come make use of that spare guest room!!!

Laura said...

The weather has been like that here too lately :( ugh... and not so warm anymore at all! I need it to turn around and give me atleast ONE MORE WEEK of nice weather.. haha. P.s. I think some of my friends are following your blog now!

Monique said...

A beautiful week just ended but now it's cold. We went to a wine tasting last night and I was freezing. I would agree with having another week of nice sunshine!! I'm following some of your friends also. It's fun!!!