Sunday, August 15, 2010

A slower pace..

The past few weeks back in Florida were busy, crazy, nutty... you name it! We had so much to do to get ready to come over here. Our "to-do list" was our priority.

These days, we're feeling the European way of life. We are much more relaxed. Our day consists of walking our dog, picking our meats at the meat market and going through the selection of bread at the bakery. I use to get everything done at Wal-Mart or Target. I'll save shopping for another post!!

We are enjoying this pace. We've been hanging out on patios around the city. It's great cuz we're able to take Shadow with us every step of the way. She came to the mall with us yesterday lol!!!

Shadow quickly realized that dogs here don't care for her. She still has some puppy in her so when she sees another pooch, she thinks "playtime". Nope, not here Shadow girl. The European dogs are wayyy more chill! Lots of them aren't even on a leash. My girl is still very much curious and wants to see everything that's going on :)

The scenery from the patio. This is "the square" where lots of the restaurants, bars and cafes are located. It's so nice!

Shadow's been wanting to get on my lap a lot since we've been here. I have to keep reminder her that she's not a lap dog haha...!

Lots of these statues around the city. I'm not quite sure what they represent?! They seem old and are very pretty.

One of my favority monuments in the square.

See what I mean by patios... Tons of them all around!

The hubs with our girl!

On our walk, we ran into some kind of peacock. We saw this color along with grey and white ones.

The Square!


Practically Perfect... said...

It looks gorgeous! Great photos :-) I'm really interested to hear about your shopping experience and see how it compares to New Zealand. I know that it was a bit of a change when we moved here from the States.

Glad you're able to relax and enjoy the city. Its beautiful!

Angie said...

Wow... now that's beautiful scenery! I would LOVE to be taking pictures out there, every shot looks like a postcard!! :)

I'm glad you're starting to relax. Take it all in and soak in the 'slow pace'.

How cool that you can take Shadow Girl everywhere, that's pretty neat!

Looking forward to your next post! :)


Anonymous said...

Statues dates from 1775 and are the Saints of the Bible. Were built as notional protection of the city before the plague infection....

Anonymous said...

When we were in Italy in 06, we traveled from Germany, thru Austria and Italy w/ our friend's golden retriever. They put out bowls of water and some have treats for them huh? The monuments are probably historic good guys from there. Great observation! Imagine the Nazi tyranny that reigned there during your parents & grandparents time. Some harrowing stories then and I'm sure you'll learn of a few. J & J

The Conway's said...

The architecture is amazing!! I love the picture of you and Shadow in front of your favorite monument!
Looks like the European way of living is treating you guys pretty well!