Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We got back from Milwaukee Sunday night at around 10pm. We had a fun time driving back. First off, we stopped in Chicago cuz we had never been. It's wayyy bigger than I imagined. It kinda has the Big Apple feel to it. Once back on the highway, Adam came up with the idea of taking the country roads home. We saw miles and miles of endless corn fields, narrow roads and farms. What a great drive!

I gave you a brief update on my last Milwaukee blog. So, the second chapter of our short trip was spent at a Brewers baseball game. We got to tailgate a bit, see batting practice (side note: we got a ball!!!) and enjoy the game & good old ballpark hot dogs and roasted peanuts. And just like that, our little trip was over!! I managed to forget my cell phone charger in Milwaukee so my cell is dead! Thanks Melissa for sending it my way. Anywaaaaaay... good stuff. We had a good weekend and LOTS and LOTS of driving.

Latest addiction: 90210 ~ it's such a good "girl show"! Don't think Adam will get into this one :) Totally understand sweetheart! 5 minutes till' I go downstairs and pour myself another cup of coffee and pretend it's a fancy latte with foam haha! Tonight we are going to enjoy some Monique-made lasagna deliciousness. So I better get started! Have a great mid week day!!

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