Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mandy's turn...

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Amanda!! I'm very confident that she had no troubles yesterday wrapping things up on her end, with a wonderful husband who spoils her, along with so many family and friends that adore her. That's the thing about Amanda... it's kind of impossible NOT to laugh your head off with this girl, and have the best time with her. I've had the privilege of walking alongside Amanda in a few hockey seasons of life, and What would I have done without Mandy's incredible support, perspective, and deep friendship as we navigated these new roads together?! Undoubtedly it's so many of these shared experiences that grew us together in such a uniquely deep way.

Mandy, I can't imagine my life without your friendship. Our talks, our fits of uncontrollable laughter, our randomness that is almost like a language I often think only we speak, our ability to be there for each other in ways that comes from our past few years of learning how, and our like-spirits that gives us an amazing sister-like connection... these are some of the things I truly cherish when I think of who you are in my life! Happy Happy Birthday to you, Mandy!!! I wish I was actually there yesterday, but my memories of so many great times together will have to suffice. Miss ya & luv u sista!!!!

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