Friday, October 10, 2008

Francine & Craig = Hitched!

Weeeeeee! A big moment... CONGRATS to my friend Francine Johnson!!! She tied the knot today... I can't wait to steal pics from Angie & Jolene haha :) For long-distancers such as myself, this is fantastic! Francine, I wish you a long and happy, happy life! Have a wonderful day, great weekend, lots of fun and soak it all up girlfriend! I miss ya xox
Today is the kick-off of a long weekend! Tonight, Adam is playing against Rochester. I believe the game is on internet (I'm checkin' now).

p.s. Dear Head Cold & Sinus Bug, PLEASE GO AWAY. Loooove, Monique.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Angie and I decided that the four of us have to get together at least once a year. Friendships, old and new, are so precious! So happy to have you all still in my life! Love ya miss ya! Jo