Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The hunt is over!

Sorry for the silence lately! I was on such a roll with my blogging... and then real life got back in the way haha. For those of you who haven't heard, we are back in Syracuse. Our trip out was pretty smooth. I won't lie, we didn't have much of a warm fuzzy feeling in our tummies. But it's all good and we will keep positive! We've been passing time doing a lot of house and apartment hunting. We had an appointment last night to see a house and let me tell ya that the house/apt hunt has finally ended!!! We found a house in one on the cutest little subdivisions. We were very eager for the right fit to come along and it did. We love this one :) We will move next Wednesday afternoon so it's a hotel room until then.

Time in Moncton with my girls!!!
My time home, while Adam had training camp, was awesome! To my friends & family; you guys ALL make me feel so loved, and while things have been different over the past few years, I truly am such a blessed girl to have you! And I'm so thankful for the commitment to stay close. I am lucky to have the DEEP levels at which our friendships operate - it is not something easily achieved, and I refuse to let them fade just because of 1000 silly miles :) Thank you for the wonderful visit!!!!
In other events and happenings, Adam and I miss living with the Healy's! They've been so good to us.. We also miss Louie (their dog) d-e-a-r-l-y.

This dog has an amazing personality and would enjoy nap-time with Adam.

Tomorrow Adam has a game in Rochester and then it's the home opener on Saturday. Well folks, happy Thursday! Gonna go pick up my husband :)

p.s. Angie & Jolene; have a great road trip!!! Give my best to Francine. Drive safe girls xo

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linda said...

Good to get news from you two.
We will again be online to follow your games.
Wishing you the best.
Hope there's room for us cause we're planning to go again.