Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Epcot & Haircut

This past weekend, we went to Epcot Center with some friends. It was an adult only outing and we did the World Showcase. We walked through countries and sampled food and drinks! It was fun. Our first stop of the day was Canada!! I was born and raised in Canada so this was probably the best stop ;)

OH!!! I might as well, use this post to tell you I got my hair cut!! These are the very first picture uploaded since I got my new style. I really loved my long hair but I had a lot of dry ends and with this heat, I didn't have the patience to dry it. It's shoulder lenght and has lots of layers. I love it!!

The staff who worked in Canada wore this funny outfit which they believe represent my country haha!

This is the same friends who came with us on the cruise. Lovem' all!

JapanMexicoGermanyChinaThe lovely ladies who I will MISS so much when I'm in Czech Republic.
These guys all act like they are brothers. I'm not even kidding you... The saying "brotha from another motha" has never been so true! HA!

During the fireworks, I got something in my eye -- Outch! It felt something like when you have an eyelash in your eye or like firework dust scratched my eyeball.. Today is the first day that it doesn't hurt :)
Well, that was our weekend. Happy Wednesday!


April said...

Lovin the hair!! Definitely inspiration to get mine chopped! Glad your eye is better!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I love your new haircut. So cute!

How fun though. I haven't been to Epcot since I was 6 years old. It looks like a blast!

Elizabeth said...

Okay. I love your hair and that you had fun at Epcot, but those sandals you are wearing are to die for girl!! I love them!!!! :)

Ashley said...

I have never been to Epcot It looked like you had a blast! And your hair is ADORABLE! I have always had long hair and I am sure to grow it out again too, but it is so refreshing to cut it all off sometimes!