Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update: August & September 2011

Hi Everyone!
The best gift in the world after being released from the hospital was being outside. Breathing that fresh air and feeling the sun. I knew that these next few months would fly by and I'd find myself readmitted in the hospital for the bone marrow transplant in October. So we lived every single day to it's fullest. We loaded up on activities, family and friends. I was very fortunate, upon my July discharge from the hospital, to be feeling great!

July 31st, 2011 - Our 3rd wedding anniversary!

I surrounded myself with family and friends.

Adam and I were making big time decisions. Where to have my bone marrow transplant. We chose the hospital that could take me the soonest. Just so happens that it was the one closest to my family & friends!
Having the transplant location took a load off our shoulders. We continued filling our days with mostly nature activities. Camping for two weeks was the best! I appreciated the sunny days but also enjoyed the rainy ones.
I went from blonde to brunette. Having brown hair was always something I wanted to try, wearing a wig was an opportunity to switch it up.
The big 2-day transplant consultation. It was becoming more and more real that I was going through this. I was introduced to the transplant team (Doctors, nurses, coordinators, social workers, etc...), visited the bone marrow transplant floor and got a boat load of information.
My brother flew into town for the weekend so the transplant team could do a series of tests.
I continued to have frequent hospital visits; blood work, PFT, Hickman upgrade (2 to 3 tubes), muga scan, bone marrow biopsies, etc... Adam, Shadow and I continued to get out when we could and enjoy each other and our freedom.

We got word on September 20th, 2011 that I continued to be in remission!!!! We could move along with the pre-transplant phase the very next week...!

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