Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Week ~ Walkin' the grounds!

Here we are, after getting out of the limo, totally admiring the beautiful grounds of Lake Las Vegas! It's gorgeous!!
The little things you don't get to see in wedding albums haha. Adam says he has something in his eye. So, I go searching and our photographer keeps clickin' away...

I GOT IT!!! One of Adam's beautiful brown eyelash was in the way. You have to know that Adam always asks me to check his eyes when something doesn't feel right. So, this is a pretty common thing for us!

He thanked me with a BIG smooch!

Now, we are ready to take our walk...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! Still can't believe I wasn't there. I'll definitely be there for the first rounder...I'm not missing that one. Miss you!
T & A

Monique said...

My goodness Tracey, it's like super late right now haha. You're not sleeping? Thanks girlfriend for all your lovely comments!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I couldn't go to bed without checking to see if you had a new blog and there was so of course I couldn't go to sleep before reading and commenting. Loves it. xoxo