Friday, July 10, 2009

Free....Ya right!

When it comes to fancy lipglosses, snazzy nail polish and great deals on make-up, I can be a sucker. Will I ever learn?!?! This "Hurry-Promotion Ends Soon" got me.....dang! Among the more common shemes, people like me get the incentive only if they use "other services". That, in turn, wipes out the value of any "free" gifts from M•A•C. It was a trap that I was able to avoid....somewhat! I started getting lots of SPAM sent to my email even though I check marked "I do not wish to receive email messages from blah blah blah". I am currently unsubscribing to ALL. There are a lot of bait-and switch tactics and we should always stay on our toes!!

Sometimes....The price of free is too high.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Nothing is for free....somebody ends up paying for it. :-)
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