Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The latest

On Sunday, Adam decided we should invite people over and have a BBQ. Such a good idea! It was fun being with a few guys & gals and the crazy dogs LOL. Great night of hanging out :)

I got to spend time talking with Amanda this morning. I miss being able to drive over to her apartment and hang out or go to the gym with her. Mandy, I enjoyed catching up with you -- this being far away thing really makes it a bummer. Sounds silly, probably. But I wish this was easier. It's all about hotmail, webcam, facebook and yahoo. I miss having you around girl!!

So I've just spent the better part of my day here at home turning our apartment upside down in search of the garage key. No luck! Don't you wish you could call lost items like you can call your cell phone when you misplace things? And they'd ring out with "here I am, right where your husband stashed me!" Ha ha I kid, I kid. As much as I wish I could blame someone else when things go missing, I seem to notice all too often how stinky my memory is getting these days with the frivolous details of life (yes, for the most part, I think I'm still remembering the important stuff... hopefully). Do you ever put something down and even stop to memorize the moment, telling yourself, "This important item is in this kitchen drawer.... I will I will I will remember this." Yeah, a couple days later... and you're turning the house upside down. Good times. :) Is it too early to claim "senior moments?"

Today marked a MONTH in Rockford for us, which blows me away. And things have started to fall in place. Being busy with Shadow is good when you are so antsy to just jump in the truck and drive to lovely Florida. It will be awesome to get away at the end of the season and spend the summer in a beeeeautiful setting. I should emphasis, it's going well here... busy, fast-paced, but good. I feel I'm starting to find my way, and am settling in. And ohhh how I'm savoring Adam being around! Tonight we celebrated being homeowners. We were both eager for a whole day together, and today was the day!! And for the record, I'm so thankful for such a supportive, encouraging husband... he's always this way, but this past month, being he was away on roadtrips and I was alone with our puppy girl, he's amped it up for me! Whether he's bringing me coffee and/or lunch, or listening intently to my new stories and asking really good questions (Girl 101 - listen and ask good questions, and you will make her feel so loved and connected -- am I right?!), man... I'm spoiled :)

Ok, this is ridiculously long. SORRY! I'll try to be better. Have a good one... until I return...! My husband is totally making fun of me for how long this is. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!
Tell your husband to leave you alone so you can type extra long messages for your friends who miss you like crazy!! :-) Glad to hear all is well. You must be going crazy not being in your new house. I can't believe how big Shadow is getting. Still noticed that her collar is blue....Adam, she needs a pink one...Girl Power!!
Love & Miss You Tons and hope to hear from you soon!!

linda said...

HI guys!
Did you find your keys?
Ask ST.Antoine de Padou and he finds EVERYTHING. I kept on promising him $5.00 each time if he could help me. And I paid up at church until someone told me that he works just as good for free. lol .It's true you just have to beleive.
You do seem to have a so busy life.
Got some papers for you wnd not your b-certificate though. What do I do with them ?
Gotta go love youand keep on keeping busy good way to stay young ......

linda said...

Guess who's blogging and not working Tracy and me hahaha

Anonymous said...

You're right, Priorities!!! The blog updates are way more important than work!!

Amanda Murray said...

I miss you too monique, it was great to catch up!! xoxo we will find a way to see eachother soon!