Friday, February 6, 2009

It's official!!!!!!!

Today, at 3:30pm exactly, almost two months after making an offer on this sweet house and signing a gazillion papers....we became HOMEOWNERS! The actual closing happened today as planned. That's when the keys are given. It's official!!! (And yeah, while Adam and I hoped to be cheers-ing wine glasses and pinching ourselves that it was all really happening today, instead he is playing away in Milwaukee and I am listening to his game. So, we will celebrate Sunday :)
It feels soooooo good!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome News!!! Congrats on your new home...woohoo!!
Love T & A

Anonymous said...

Buying your first house together is always so exciting and special!!! Now you just have to fill the house with many many happy memories, which I'm sure will not be a problem!! :)

I can tell Myles that you've (un)officially hired me to be your decorator helper, so then I can get him to send me to visit you in FLORIDA.... whoooo hooooo!! :) Kidding. Kind of. LOL

I'm so very happy for you guys!!!!

Ang, xoxox

linda said...

YEA!!! YEA!!! .SO glad for you three....
Hope you won't find the rest of the winter too long now. I'm sure with everything you still have to do you'll be in that beautiful home in no time. Happy for you two oups three. It is so nice to have our kids all setteled and happy.
What more can a parent want?

Monique and Adam said...

Thank you!!! We are so so happy. Mom, you caught me off guard saying "you three"...nice to include Shadow :)

Ang, you get my GREEN LIGHT to tell Myles that I need you down in Florida (no jokes) to help with picking furniture. I mean, you watch HGTV more than I....right! ;)

Tracey, you rock girlfriend! So supportive with our every step. Love ya

Now, y'all come visit!!!