Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-dog-of-a-blog...house update & Brian!!

Let me start off with a birthday :) Happy 24th birthday to my dear cousin Brian who is wayyyy out there in Alberta. Brian, I love you tons and hope you were made to feel as amazing as you truly are to so many people in your life on February 15th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY xoox

This has become very common in the Pineault household. Finding Shadow sleeping by her bowls. YES! There is something in it?!?! LOL

So, Adam had to get sized for a new mouth piece (which I'm still not convinced he wears religiously) and above is what we saw as we were waiting at a red light. A huge + monstrous = HUMONGOUS Great Dane known for its giant size but also gentle personality. Sorry for the bad picture angle :S
After puppy class, Shadow met another German Shepherd!! This dog was going to agility class. I forget his complicated name (it had like 3 words in it). Anyways, he was one year and 2 months old and was 112 lbs. B-I-G! I keep wondering how big Shadow will get?!? We will see soon :)
I don't think I've talked about OUR house since the official word... The hunt for furniture, accessories and all kind of items has been exciting us more-and-more! We even braved a mission to Ikea on Sunday.
Here are some stats:
- It's on a 60X120 lot in the charming little golf community. Not only does it have beautiful grounds, but it's got room to grow with new houses. The great thing about this location is that we will never have neighbors in the backyard. It backs up to privacy woods :) :) This model home has never been lived in.

- The house is a 1 story, open floor plan, 2174 sq. feet living area, 3 bedrooms, 1 office and 2 baths. Breakfast bar, eat-in kitchen, family room, inside laundry (some houses have it outside or in the garage).

- Tile 80% and carpet 20% floors, and lots of sweet little built-ins, nice appliances, sound system fully wired, granite coutertops and big windows - the house was built in 2006! It needs some love, no question, and we plan to actually move in as-is then attack some initial projects (painting, decorating and making it "homy")... it's going to be a great adventure!

We can't wait for our inaugural first night in the house!
Well, will blog again soon xo


Anonymous said...

Holy crap...that's not a dog, it's a horse!!! Nice pic of his butt by the way...hehe. The house looks & sounds gorgeous! I can't wait either. This is so exciting for you guys. We are so happy for both of you and can't wait to see you, hopefully soon!
Love T & A

linda said...

A friend of our has a dog just like that.Bernie Landry the pharmacist. Ray was over last week and when he opened the door the dag came face to face(just about) with Ray. He said glad I', not scared of dogs. Bernie has him well trained , he goes for walks and the dog is not on a leach (don't know if the spelling is right).
I an also anxious to see that house of yours.
well 12:43 am ben ben linda is going to be tired tomorrow.
Was talking to A-Louise tonight.
She was just back from Winnipeg to see the Dr.
she has a heart murmur ????but said that it is early stage...and couldn't beleive that nobody (dr.)had ever told her, since she has had that for a very long time.
She was concerned but not worried.
Well goodnight xoxoxoxoxo